My Girl

March 2, 2017

“If you ain’t first, you're last” I always remembered that from Talladega nights and I use it in my life frequently. It was a normal day, I was in the garage working on the truck throwing wrenches at the wall because I needed to spend more money. I loved this truck but it was expensive. I still remembered the day I picked it up.
I pulled up to my buddies house and there it was lying on the street. One tire flat, the truck sagging off to one side. I walked up the steps to his door and knocked. I was greeted with a friendly smile and two bull dogs jumping on me trying to kill me with kisses, and lots of nasty slobber, ew. I grabbed Chris’s hand and made small talk and finally we got outside and I got my truck. I checked it out and started it up. The roar was completely ridiculous, it was so loud and I loved it. I filled up the tire then drove home with my buddy following me close as we made the adventure home, just 5 miles away. That was a good day.
It's all changed all because of the night of my daughter’s prom. I remember the day when my girlfriend said she was pregnant. I wasn’t ready. Sure we were dating for 2 years and I was proposing next month already, but a Baby! I changed my plans and luckily I had the ring, my great grandmother’s, which was beautiful.
The next week I took her to my favorite spot, Paradise on Mt. Rainer. I popped that jewelry box open and and that was that. We got our wedding planned for 3 months later. Which was perfect. A July wedding at my best friends beach house on Whidbey Island.
Fast forwarding, my baby is now 4 years old. She is talking so well she makes me laugh harder than anyone else could.
“Daddy, why does mommy always ask you for money? Is she broke?” I died laughing because my wife was in the background giving her a deathly glare. My wife would ask me for cash when we ordered take out, because she never carried any,  so my little girl picked up on that quick.
But she soon grew up and was now 17. It wasn’t ponies anymore, it was boys. I knew it would come, but I am  a guy, and I know what a 17 year old boy thinks. In fact, I had friends that had babies at that age. However my daughter and I were very close, she has a boyfriend and he’s a really good guy. He drives a minivan to school, I almost died when I learned that, thought he was into guys or something; but he, like me, loves his cars and did what I wish I could have. Rally. He built up his own little rally car from an old Volvo and I loved this kid. When he came over all 3 of us hung out and my wife too. We were a family. But every once in awhile they would disappear and I worried.
Prom. It was a magical night and I knew what would happen so I wasn't going to fight it, in fact I helped it happen now that I think of it. I gave my daughter the truck to take; it sounds funny but she wanted to so bad. Since she started working on it, when she was a little girl, she wanted to drive that truck to her dance. It was beautiful. It was baby blue with white stripes, picked out by my daughter, and we restored everything father and daughter. It was our truck and my favorite vehicle in the world, because it was all the memories I had with my daughter from all her years. As it turns out, it was just as important to her. Prom night however, she forgot the importance of it. They took their pictures in our backyard together and took off for dinner. She was driving the ol' Ford and they went off with music blaring and the windows down. It was just beautiful to see my baby setting out for the night of her life.
It was 10:00PM when I got a call from my daughter. I answered kind of concerned since why would she call me at prom?
She said “I hope your not mad, but I need you to come pull us out of the ditch.”
I quickly asked if they were OK and I ran to my truck and went towards them. I couldn't believe she wrecked it but she's OK so it will be OK. I could follow the tire skids to the ditch with a fancy dress and suit flagging me down. I asked them what happened thinking that she locked up and skid off the road distracted probably by her phone.
She told me that she felt a thunk and the rear wheels locked up and the transmission is definitely screwed.
I couldn't stop laughing.
“Why are you laughing?" she asked
“I don't know, it's just funny how you said that”
“well it's not very funny look at what I've done"
We pulled her out and it was mangled. It wouldn't start and the front end looked like it did when we started in it years ago.
“So are you going to the dance?” She looked at her date and they both nodded to each other,  “no I think we're going to go home and play video games” 
I just smiled, what girl play video games over prom.
My girl.

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