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March 2, 2017
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I was born in 1962, Detroit, Michigan. I remember it clearly, there was lots of noise, machines, and sparks - a very industrial type of place. I was being pieced together with my brothers and sisters, I don’t know how many of them there were, though. Probably around 400,000 of them. About 27,000 of them just like me, the “Classic” with my decent sized power and good body shape. My other brothers have bigger muscles and better body lines. They are called the “Ambassadors.” My sisters, the humans call them the  “Americans” have a better ability to go longer without having to drink, and are very petite. But, aside from the building not being the cleanest, with dirt and dust everywhere, the place had a very tough sensation in it. Big metal machinery and bulletproof strength, was where I was born. Made 100% in the USA.
It was the first day out of the factory, and I was blown away. There were vehicles everywhere, and humans everywhere as well. The big buildings that the humans have made were towering above me. But, I couldn't get too excited yet, because this is just the beginning. I still have to be shipped to a “dealership” where humans can pick and buy one of me, or my many brothers and sisters. I was hearing what the humans were saying and they said the dealership was in Toledo, Ohio a very good town, clean, and the humans were nice, too. I can’t wait to go there.
About a week later, and a big guy came in and picked me up and put me on his back. I knew exactly where we were going: Toledo, Ohio. When we got there, there were my brothers and sisters, must have came here on an earlier trip, lined up out front, all nice and clean, ready and happy to sell. When I got off of the truck, I got moved to a parking lot, where I got cleaned and got stickers put on me. After a few days I got rolled out to the front, where I was very nervous because everyone can see me and I have no Idea who would want me, but I stood strong and presentable. Quite a few of my brothers and sisters were being sold and drove away, never to be seen again. Many people have come to look at me, but none actually bought me, but one day, about a month later, someone came along that I knew would be a buyer. His name was Dale, about 30 years old, he was a really nice guy, I could tell.
It has been about 8 years since Dale purchased me from the dealer. It is 1970 now and cars have way more power than I would have ever seen, my younger brothers can easily overpower me, and can go faster than me. Their body lines are very futuristic, and I think the future of my younger siblings is on good hands. Their V8s are producing 325 HP, about 2-3 times as much as I have. That is crazy. They are also coming stock with more options, only options I could dream of having, like air conditioning, power steering, brakes. All of the good stuff. I cannot wait to see the future.
It is 1980 now, and my brothers and sisters have gotten strict rules put on them, like emissions being implemented, which makes them lose power, but they can go longer distances than me. But, I once again have the same power as them. The quality of them has decreased to the point where it is harder for people to work on them, because there is a lot of plastics and cheaper materials being put in. It makes them lighter and can also increase the amount of them being made. I don’t really like how this has happened, but my parents don't have much money, so they need to do what they need to do to survive.
It is 1990 now and my parents have just passed away, they ran out of money and could not get help anymore. I think the Chrysler Family had done something to take money from my parents, because my youngest brother, the 1990 AMC Jeep Cherokee, looks very similar to the new Chrysler Jeep Cherokee, which looks like a sign they wanted custody of my youngest brother. So far I do not like the Chrysler Corporation. They are a very sketchy company.
It is 2000 now and my parents have been gone for 10 years, but I am still here. Along with some of my siblings. We have lasted almost 40 years, and will keep going as hard as we can. Cars now have artificial intelligence within them, which makes them a lot smarter, but they have lost personality, I can’t talk with them much anymore. They are built by robots, which don’t have much personality, either. They are all exactly the same; every nut and bolt tightened to the exact same torque. Every panel exactly the same. No differentiation. They are all the same.
It is 2017 now,and I have just heard that my original owner, Dale, has passed away. I don't even know how that happened, he seemed so energetic every time he was around. I really wish it wouldn't have happened. However I am amazed about the quality of cars. The quality has come up. The power is crazy now. They made an electric car with over 500 HP. A car you can plug into a wall! There is also a new Dodge that has 707 HP. That is crazy! Cars have better bodylines again, and have power as well. The Chrysler family is doing well now, and they are doing better things with my brother, Jeep. They went back to the roots of what a jeep should be, which I like, and they are implementing new features within them. I am now in pieces across my owner’s garage, getting ready to be repaired and put back together. I am going to be a new car once again. A new car built in the USA, rebuilt in the USA.

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