An Unexpected War

March 2, 2017

The sky was blue, the color of the sea, reflected into the atmosphere by the sun's light. The grass was green, the color of life, born from a seed that fought to see the sun through the dark earth. There is a long, exaggerated hiss breaking the silence that had come over the land. Then, an explosion, piercing the stillness, disturbing the order. The birds, who had before been cheerfully chirping and feeding their young, scattered and cawed at the unnatural sound that plagued the landscape, sending it into a frenzy. The sound had came from a canister, it was about 3 inches long and 5 inches tall, it was shot from a shoulder mounted launcher- directed towards the sky, it was the first of many canisters to be shot. The war started on the 4th day of August in 2027, it was a day that marked the end of the United States, Canada and Mexico, and the day that the Civil Union, Coalition Royale and the Levantadores began their fight.


   They came from the North, claiming that our land belonged to them, they brought genetically mutated huskies and fought with pikes and muskets. I remember it clearly, it had been the 15th of November, 103 days since the war had been declared. We didn't expect them to invade our town, little old Copper Harbor, the sirens that we only heard once in our lives during a tornado were suddenly filling the air with an eerie and unreal sound of dread. There are no tornadoes in November, the Coalition Royale had begun their invasion of Copper Harbor. Families grabbed up their trusty muzzleloaders and shotguns, hiding in their homes, hearing the shouts in French and worst of all, hearing the growls of dogs and gunshots from down the road. We didn't stand a chance, we had no defence or military aid from the Civil Union, the people in smaller towns were left to fend for themselves, they fought valiantly to protect their homes, but in the end they stood no chance against the Coalition Royales monstrous force.
I was only 14 at the time, young enough to not fight but old enough to help, My dad had me help board up the doors. It didn't hold them back long. I remember him telling me to hide in between the walls. I didn't see what happened but I sure heard it, they slammed on the door shouting in French and then they forced it open with pickaxes, my dad shot and my mother screamed, then- silence. I cried and hid in there for a very long time. Eventually, I came out, not the way I had entered- I couldn't stand to see them. My parents were dead and eventually I would have to accept that, I snuck into the forest near our home and ran till my legs gave way and my lungs felt like they would burst, then I cried out at the sky, for a while with my frail broken voice, I passed out.



  My recon group came across very few survivors in Michigan. One of the few was a boy named Max, we found him outside Copper Harbor, asleep in the snow. It had been 104 days since the war began and I was recruited as a soldier for the Civil Union army. I knew that there was other people that I couldn't save, one who were pleading for one of us to save them from the barbarous Coalition Royales. Truth is, I’ve never shot a gun before, but when the recruiter came around he felt he had to help somehow. The Coalition Royale had invaded Washington, Montana, North Dakota, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. The Civil Union had successfully held them off at Ohio, New York and Vermont. Maine had been traded to Canada in the years past and served as a fighting point for years since, only now erupting into violence. God only knows what was happening down South in Texas, Arizona and New Mexico, the Levantadores had attacked in the night and pushed the border back into the mid-regions of those states. The Civil Union was being attacked on two sides and losing due to the precarious positioning of the two countries attacking at once. No one came to our aid due to the Coalition Royale armada blocking out all trade and other countries relations with Mexico and Canada. We would take the bullet to avoid a World War 4.

Juan-Olga Romanoff

  The Civil Union never expected a surprise attack in the middle of the night, it was the most successful ambush in history and allowed my force to push into the border states. This attack was years in the making, first it began with the attack on the wall that was built during Trumps reigne, It was seen as an act of Immigration Enforcement. Little did the former United States know it was the real beginning of an attack that would latter cripple their forces. It was finally time for us to reclaim the land we lost all that long time ago. A great country under my rule. There was little time before the final attack, an attack crippling the land permanently, securing their defeat.

President John Doe

  There is little hope for victory, we were attacked at our must vulnerable state, unprepared and unexpecting. I could have done so much more with my time. Time. We don't have much left anymore, I can hear the artillery shells from here, no doubt destroying homes, people and the hope of the citizens of the Civil Union. We thought of ourselves as the strongest, toughest country in the world, yet we were defeated so quickly and decisively. To think, things seemed to be going so well, we needed less military force because things were so- peaceful. Now, now it's all over, there will be 2 countries here at war instead of 3. The only forces left in North America will be The Coalition Royale and The Levantadores. Farewell, my home, my time draws nigh.


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