March 2, 2017
By TuxTwo BRONZE, Rolla, Missouri
TuxTwo BRONZE, Rolla, Missouri
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Beep! Beep! Beep! Ugh, another horrible school day, George thought to himself. Oh wait, today is a Saturday, finally, no school, no work, and no waking up early in the morning, so I’m not late to school. George hoped out of bed, excited for a new weekend, and went out into his living room. To his surprise nobody was there. He walks around frantically looking for his parents. He looked at their bedroom, the kitchen, the basement, and even all the bathrooms. But they were nowhere to be seen. He went outside, and spotted a person, but they weren’t his but they weren’t his parents, it was some neighbor he hadn’t seen before. He called them to ask if they had seen his parents.
“I n’otd wokn herwe yeht rea, dki,” the neighbor shouted across the street.
“Is this a prank?” George yelled back.
“Ahwt rea ouy inkgalt outba?”
The world started spinning, everything went white and he fell into the moistened grass. Faded images of his mom’s face appear and disappear, giving him hope that she was not kidnapped or killed. She looked panicked and in distress. And then the image faded away and everything was a blur.
George wakes up in a hospital bed, with his mother and father sitting right next to him. A doctor who he had never seen before, was standing out in the hallway talking to a medical student.
“George has a special condition called Spastic Auditory Syndrome, or SAS, which means that any word he hears sounds jumbled up and doesn’t make any sense to him.”
All along, George thought his neighbors were pulling some prank on him, but the real reason was that he had a special condition. Not everything is what it seems, even if you think you are one hundred percent certain of it.

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