An Amazing Space Ordeal

March 2, 2017
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It was 22 November, the day Jack was waiting for since the beginning of this session. Today Jack was to go to camping with all his school friends. The Modern Convent School organises such camping experiences each year for the boys. This year it was special as it was supposed to be Jack's first camping with his school friends. Jack woke up early in the morning and went for a walk in the nearby compound. The dawn had just broke in and shed its limelight on all life forms. As he walked further, it was discovered that amidst the tall trees, there were some places where the light had not cast its spell yet. Suddenly something caught his attention. Even in the darkness of the thick belt of green cover, something was shining brighly at a distant spot. Its light was blinking continously which constrained Jack to approach its source. 
After walking a long distance, Jack arrived at his destination. The source of blinking light was in front of him. It was a huge spaceship that had halted on its way back home. Jack stood there in complete silence taken aback and not knowing about what next to do. as he was pondering about what he just saw, two little organisms almost the size of a cricket bat emerged out of the spaceship. They were pink in colour and were jelly like in form. They had wide eyes black in colour. Two antennae like structures were wriggling on their heads. Yes, they were aliens. They approached Jack while he was pacing his steps backward in fear. While trying to run out the sight, Jack fell down and hurt himself. These aliens now in large numbers came towards him. Jack sat there scared and unaware about what would happen next. One of these organisms patted the area of thw wound which led to his recovery at once. Jack stood up and tried some aerobics just to realise that his grave wound hurt no more. He thanked them profusely and soon befriended them. They communicated with each other through signs. At the end of their silent conversation, the aliens invited Jack to visit their planet. Jack enthusiastically agreed forgetting everything else. The planet was called Kytla-714. These aliens were called kytlians. Kytlians were all of the same size. One could not distinguish between two of them. The planet was a huge spacios area with blue trees and green rivers. The sky was red and the land purple. Their planet was ruled by kytlian king Korosova. Jack stayed at Korosova's Purble Palacia for 2 days. He ate small capsules that gave out difeerent flavours at regular intervals. Once sweet like cake, then salty like crisps. One such capsule was equivalent to a proper meal. Jack enjoyed his stay at Kytla-714. 

On the third day, he wished to come back to Earth. An army of 50 kytlians escorted Jack back to the same spot from where they took him. Jack hurriedly rushed back home to narrate his experience to his family and friends. Everyone was shocked and Jack became the local celebrity of his town. People from far would come to hear his experience. He named this an ordeal. An amazing space ordeal! 

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