They’re Coming

March 1, 2017
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I kneel down to look at the river.My reflection sways back and forth on the surface of the water. I hold the diary tight in my arms.
“They’re coming for me,” I mutter to myself as tears stream from my eyes and into the river, breaking the water surface. I glance behind my shoulder in fear that the man in black will return. No one.
He’s coming for me.
They’re coming for me.
I’ll never be safe I think to myself.
I glance back again for reassurance, and right before me stands a pale skinned man in a black suit. His stone cold blue eyes perched in the center of his lifeless, face glare right through me.
“NO!” I scream, frantically attempting to get up to sprint away from him. I trip on a rock, and my diary flies out of my arms. He trudges towards me, with a gun in his hand.
“Get away from me!” I shriek, my eyelids clamped shut from streaming mascara. My pulse is frantic, quickening with each breathless second. Finally, I manage to open my eyes. The man in black is gone. But he’ll be back. They’ll be back. I fall to the ground and holding my body in my arms rocking back and forth in the prickly grass, tears stroll down my face. I reach for my diary that I’d dropped and begin my first entry.

Dear diary,

This it’s the first time I’m trying this whole diary thing. It’s a little cliche for me... But I don’t know where else to turn. I have nobody. I’m an outsider. Today I thought I was at the end of my line. I thought the men in black had found me. People may ask who these men in black are. Truth is, they’re not a specific group of people. My men in black are society. They have control over everything. I’m always on the run. They’re always out to remove me. They’re afraid I’ll tell others their secret plan. About their little organization. People think we’re in a free democracy. But that’s the problem with this human race. In every system there are cracks, and bends, with lies to cover up the imperfections. People play the part as guinea pigs in this testing lab we call society, as we play under the rules that only the men in black enforce. But I know this little game. I think everyone does. But I’m different. I’m willing to change the playing ground. I’m willing to fix the cracks and bends, and expose the series of lies that had been added to this system over decades of years. I’m willing to get rid of this secret organization. That’s why they’re so willing to eliminate me. They know I’m willing to give everything up. Besides, I have nothing to lose. It’s because of them that I have no one but my psychologist. Years ago the men in black put these ideas into people’s heads that perfection is key. However, one thing this organization was forgetting at the time when these ideas were made, is that with every system, comes a malfunction. With these ideas instilled into people’s minds came bullying, stereotypes, eating disorders, suicides, and basically everything psychologically destructive to life today.  I’ll admit I am afraid of them… But I’m not afraid to fight for a truly free democracy. When they return I’ll be ready.


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