The Famous Mrs.V

March 7, 2017
By Robin123456789 BRONZE, Caen, Other
Robin123456789 BRONZE, Caen, Other
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IF YOU LIKE CREAPY STORIES THEN YOU NEED TO READ THIS! Last week, Bob Lebreton went to a bussiness conference in the south of Dublin. When he arrived at his hotel, he knocked three times and it creaked open... Then when he entered, an old and wrinkled lady took his jacket off. And Mrs.V invite him to have a seat.

Mrs.V asked him for tea, so they took a seat and drink tea. Bob found this  famous Mrs.V a bit too kind for an old lady. She was strange. When he asked questions of her life, she directly changed the subject of the conversation. As if she has something to hide from Bob. Just before he went upstairs, Mrs.V told him never to go into the room on the left...

After tea, he went upstairs. And the stairs cra-a-a-acked so loudly that he though it was about to fall.His room was on the second floor; the door of his room creackeddddd open. He sat on his bed and a horrible rotten smell came to his nose. He put his suitcase down next to the bed and looked all around his room and this ugly wallpaper from de 1920's caught his eye. Then he open the wardrobe an he found this really strange...

In this creapy wardrobe, there was clothes but not Bob's. It was somebody else's clothes! Bob found this really bizarre and he decide to investigate. He hesitated going in this room because he was not alowed to but his instinct told him to go in. The door creaked. It was dark, and the rotten smell semed to come from a wardrobe in the back of the room. Bob went near the creapy wardrobe,  the smell was unbearable so he open this wardrobe and found this... The last guest who had left his clothes on Bob's room! He was dead! He closed the wardrobe and ran into his room and took his stuff and went down stairs with his suitcase thinking Mrs.V was taking her shower. But no she was here...

She was there, on a chair taking tea, with a knife on the table. She asked him where he was going, he didn't answer and tried to open the door, but it was locked. He ran up the stairs, she followed him slowly. He was terrifed, and he di
dn't think but he've done the biggest mistake of his life... He was hidding in the wardrobe of his room. He heard the craking of the floor. He new she was there. He closed his eyes and the doors opened...

The author's comments:

hello i'm french in a international section in france, grade 8

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