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March 6, 2017

Growing up wasn’t easy in the big easy. I was treated like, the slightest touch I absolutely hated it. When someone would even foul me in basketball, I hated it. I had no one to explain why I hate this, but I wasn’t that comfortable living with my aunt and uncle. I knew I was different since the first day I came from the womb.


I’m Steven Bradsen and people say that I have autism and for some other people they call it something else that I rancor. Like for example, I was walking in the hallway and all of a sudden I hear giggles from Corey Anderson and his antagonizer eight.

They then asked me if I was going to go learn my ABC’s today? I just keep going on with my day. I’m so used to it now, that is more first nature than second. I go to my first hour and proceed with my day. In my first hour we got to go on a field to trip to the grocery store to pick up food for our teacher lunches. Today we are Chicken Cordon Bleu,  “my magnum opus” I like to say.

When I returned back to the school I saw my locker open with my bags accessories everywhere outstretching at least ten feet of the hallway. Next,I glanced around the corner and I could see the tall outline of Corey Anderson himself. As I was cleaning up my I got many glances which was the regular. When I returned home I did my usual devoured my Creamy Non- Nutritional Snack Pack.

As I wiped off the the cocoa colored cream on the upper part of my lip and turned my favorite, Drake and Josh. Later that night, I stepped outside to the soothing moist dark with the stars glistening like a neon sign to the universe and the sound of the crickets chirping. I took out my favorite blanket the last gift my mother gave to me hours before she passed and I then set free the blanket onto the grass and laid down with my head strung back. I was talking to my best friend Spark I could not exactly see him but it was someone I could talk relate too and express all of my deepest secrets.

My Aunt put me in a ton of programs when I say a ton I mean Tom Brady's Seven Super Bowls ton. Whether it was the paralympics, writing club, sports, or even taking me down to the public pool to make friends. The thing is I may not of expressed it but I was really I spying for a friend, but no one ever wanted to even pay attention to me unless it was for the matter of laughing or maybe feeling bad.

For now, I had Spark. However,there will always be room for a third in the wagon. I haven't seen my Mom since I was very young when she used to hug me at night and cry I didn't know why she cried but it was probably a big deal because it would be for at least five days a week. One day I woke up and my aunt was at the house and she broke down the door with my uncle and I never saw that house again.

School was fun today! The reason it was, because the other half of the grade wasn't going to be in there meaning Corey Anderson and his hench crew weren't going to appear at school today. I showed up today and I proceeded on with my regular day. Except I wanted this day to last as long as it possibly could taking in every second like it was my last. Next week I have basketball tryouts for our school team I have played in the past but it’s been a minute, I am actually pretty tall for my grade I’m in seventh grade and 6”3 so I believe I have a fair chance of making it.

Well my day was ruined today Corey Anderson found out I was playing and is hysterical over the matter. As I walked in the gym we got in layup lines and the thing is I may not dribble well or I can barely shoot, Corey is the star of the team and he is also another tall individual. Coach Hubaker mentioned that we will find out who made it on Monday. As I returned to the locker rooms my stuff was missing and I looked and it was all in the toilet, my books, pencils, and clothes. I saw Corey and his crew laughing behind the window. I ran home and locked myself in my room, I cried and cried till there was no tears left as I fell asleep. I woke later that evening and I looked on my Facebook and there was messages from Corey explaining how I should just give up, At one moment of the night I was going to but I thought, “ At first he was giving me inches now he’s doing miles and I can use this as motivation.”

Today is the big day we finally get to find out our position if we’re cut or we made the team. I couldn't be more timid. I thought to myself,

Alright here we go!

As I walked into the hardwood to the unmistakable the sound of the bouncing and sloshing of shots, I walked to the locker room and I tried to avoid him but I simply couldn't he grabbed my arm and slapped me with a plate full of shaving cream.

Everyone was laughing and I was simply fed up. I took him and picked him up and threw him down as we collided with the tile. I could hear the crack of somewhere in his body. It made a terrible sound.

That moment coach walked in and wondered what happened and grabbed my arm and piled me off to the office. While I waited in the office, an ambulance showed up and I could see Corey on a stretcher. It made me think,
What did I get myself into?

My aunt came and picked me up and told me to get home and retreat to my room. I got in there and the only thing I could do was cry. My aunt and uncle got a call from Corey’s parents explaining how their nephew is out of control. About an hour later the school called and they also talked and explained that I was suspended for two weeks. So my Aunt took this to the school board, here best friends son Trey was in the locker room when the event happened, the thing is Trey was probably the closest thing that I had to a friend. While there I had to get up and speak for my rights explaining that he has tormented me from kindergarten to today.

Trey explained that he had the whole thing on video and was saying that I was trying to protect myself. They eventually had a vote and I was granted permission to go back to school as for Corey he was expelled other kids were explaining of the horrible things he had done to other students physically and mentally. It was nice to finally feel so supported. It was a feeling I wasn’t always use to.

The next day Coach Hubaker showed up to my first hour and told me that I made the team! We had our first game a week later and ran that team out of the gym I had eight points twelve rebounds, and even my friend Trey had twenty six points. We went out to eat that night it was a friday and Trey asked me if I wanted to go spend the night at his house.

Could this get any better? I asked myself.

Trey and I went to celebrate Mardi Gras with all of the parades and a big king cake.  It was very delicious with the warm hearted softness inviting you to your stomach and the sweetness something I was starting to feel that was new recently. Trey and I hung out till about midnight and we went to my house and watched horror movies till daylight, it was a great time and for once I felt like I had someone that could stand not just by me but with me. About a few weeks later we finished basketball season we ended up having a pretty good year we had six wins three losses.

I woke up today to the sound of birds chirping, man I knew it was going to be a good day. I heard a doorbell ring and noticed a tall thin woman with a present bag it read, “Welcome.” I answered the door and this woman flung her arms over my shoulders, she exclaimed that she had a lot to talk about. I was a little sketched out my aunt and uncle were at work and it was me and my dog bruiser. She then showed me a picture of someone it was a baby and looked similar to her eight years ago she explained how she told me that, “I’m your mother.” I didn't know what to think or how to to act so I just shrugged by saying, “oh cool,” I later heard the doorbell ring again it was my aunt and uncle they had gift bags too, they walked in and gave a warm welcoming to my “Mom” and gave her bags and bags of clothing. I later learned that my Mom had gone to jail and was recently released I didn't know what to think, Could this be a good thing or unfortunate?

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