February 27, 2017
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She gazed through the window with dead eyes. She could tell that a storm was approaching, and it was close. She heard and felt the gentle stillness of the light drizzle, the thunder note in an angry sky. Then it started. Rain fell like a waterfall, and thunder screamed across the sky, slapping the clouds into heated turmoil.  

She could have hidden like she used to. She could have cowered at this unnatural sight, but she did not. The soft droplets of rain pierced her heart, and she knew that her story was being told to the world before her very eyes. The savage cry of thunder and the shriek of the wind was enough for her, but the terrible ferocity of it was still incomparable to the hard marble in her heart. The thunderstorm inside her wanted to break free. She wanted to feel more anger than she had ever felt before, but all she felt was the numb pain of forgiveness.

She watched as a dazzling claw of lightning struck the sky, punishing it for all its sins. It ended as quickly as it had started. The soft rain was back, all the thunder gone, leaving a slight haze behind. As she watched, she was reminded that the anger of a storm was only temporary, but the satisfaction of forgiveness lasted forever. The ghost of a smile appeared on her face, as the storm in her died down. The thunder in her heart was still there, glowing mutely, but the soft, warm rain overpowered and dampened it.

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