February 14, 2017

It'll hit you in flashes. No more Goodmorning texts. No more goodnight kisses. The sheets don't smell like him anymore. His green toothbrush is gone and his hairgel is still in the bathroom. You'll start to miss the way his arms felt, the way they slid around your waist after a long day. How he kissed you will haunt you. You will feel the ghost of his lips late at night when your only company is the blinking LED lights of the alarm clock. You'll start to worry about him, all alone in that house. You'll start to miss his 6 foot legs taking up all the room in your bed. He will become a necessity in your life. Needing his warm arms around you, waking up to a goodmorning kiss. Needing to feel his skin against yours, and having his scent in your pillow again. You'll wonder at 2AM if he too is awake and thinking about you. You better pick up that phone and call him but soon enough you'll remember he's not yours to take care of anymore.

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