Why Do They Do It?

February 14, 2017
By , delton, MI

As I drove down a long country road, I was excited to see him. It would be the first time in six years. He had been gone for reasons untold.

Why would anybody want to do what he does? He has nothing telling him he has to do this, so why? What pushes a person to risk his life everyday for people he does not even know, people who do not support him, and others who disgrace him. He has a job and he knows what it is to fight for these people’s freedoms, for their right to sleep at night without being in fear and the right to wake up everyday and be free. 

He is in the military. He has a wife and kids and a family that loves him, but still he puts his life on the line for them. They have to worry whether he is going to make it home, or if will he be brought back with an American flag over a wooden box with his team members pins in the top. No family should be put through this but still they have to be by choice, it is a decision they make for the pride and patriotism for this country.

As I pulled into the airport I turned into the parking garage, I started to get out of my truck and walk inside as I shut my door I saw them. It was his wife and kids; they said his flight was suppose to be in well over an hour ago, but he still has not arrived. There was no way i was going to leave without knowing what happened to my brother. As we walked inside I seen his sergeant.
I began to question him about the whereabouts of my brother, he went on to tell me there was no major accidents he had just been held up with no other explanation.
After hours of searching and calling we found where he was located. He was in Germany. We found a way to get him a plane ticket and home safely the next day.

At last he was home all settled in at his new house with his family.

He invited me over for dinner and later on into the night we were sitting in his living room watching the game just like old times. But something was missing from what it use to be something still was not right.
We both knew what it was.
It was our father. He had been lost in Iraq for eight years know we both still miss him.
But we still have no idea why he did it.

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