The Pearl Epilogue: Justice Be Served

February 14, 2017
By Shonz BRONZE, San Francisco, California
Shonz BRONZE, San Francisco, California
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Weeks after the return of Kino and Juana, everyone began to settle back into their normal lives. A lot of rebuilding was necessary, but it was manageable. Coyotito was buried on the bank of the river, his favorite place. He had enjoyed the moistness of the air and always laughed when they were near. Now he was able to rest in his favorite place, but never wander any further. Kino would visit Coyotito every day, never forgetting his cheerfulness and everything he brought to the family which could not be replaced. Whenever Kino did visit, he heard the hum, sweetly and softly of the Song of the Family.

For Kino, his old life was almost gone. Payment for the doctor was the last thing.
Juana and Kino mustered the entirety of their money and walked through the long streets towards the doctor’s residence. Upon arrival, Kino pounded at the gate which still had red crustings from his fist weeks before. The Song of the enemy played loudly as Kino was reminded of the doctor’s reluctance and ominous radiance.
“What is it?” the servant spoke quickly, emerging from the blooming garden.
“We have come to pay our respects,” Kino spoke in the old language.
This time the servant honored Kino’s request, speaking in the old language, “You may give it to me.”
“No, we must see him.”
They were led through the extensive garden towards the house. The Song of the Enemy grew louder in Kino’s head and he became skeptical. Still, he continued walking and sat in the waiting room by the crackling fire to wait for the doctor.
From inside the room, voices emerged.
“It is the Indian again,” said the servant, “he has come to pay for your services.”
The doctor spoke with surprise, “I thought he was dealt with.” Kino’s ears perked and his eyes curiously darted around the room.
“What do you mean?”
“The trackers and Sam, I thought they would be back by now. With the job done. But nothing.”
Instantly, Kino rose, the Song of the Enemy drumming like a high-pitched squeal. Kino rushed towards the exit, slightly ajar, but was stopped by the doctor’s servant once more.
“Where are you going? The doctor is ready for you.”
“Uh, I will see him tomorrow,” rapidly Kino spoke, lamely trying at an excuse “I forgot the money.” Kino and Juana both left quickly as to leave timely, but not to arise suspicion.
Juana and Kino returned home and knocked on the door of Juan Tomás. The cool breeze wisped through the early afternoon air from side to side and subsided. The ocean did the same. The door to Juan Tomás’s brush house swung open, and Kino’s cat-like instincts stared passed him further into the room. There Apolonia sat, threading a basket by the sparkling blue fire.
Kino entered and spoke quickly in a hushed tone: “It was the doctor. He tried to steal the pearl and kill me. He sent the trackers and a servant... Sam.”
Juan Tomás replied in the same tone as Kino had. “We must be sure.”
“I am sure.”
“We cannot do anything, even if we wish to,” Juan Tomás spoke with years of experience, “Even if it is the right thing to do, we will be charged guilty. He is rich and we are poor. This we cannot change. We must live to our own standards of who we think we are and must not make it so we must be judged by others. That is how we lose, and nothing will we gain, except revenge.”
Kino thought on Juan Tomás’s words carefully for a minute and the liberty the choice would bring. Then he thought of Coyotito. Hid under Juana’s shawl, the cries and whimpers, and the horrifying shot. That was all the doctor’s doing… revenge was enough for Kino.
Juan Tomás’s attempts to persuade Kino were futile. Kino knew what he wanted.
Sunlight beamed through the windows and Kino knew he had overslept. He gathered a pouch and deposited his supplies. Then he marched out the door and picked up speed towards the doctor’s house.
Kino arrived at the doctor’s residence within ten minutes. The servant spotted him and returned to the room where the doctor sat, awake and alert.
“It is him,” spoke the servant.
“Let him in,” the response, clear and concise.
Kino was led through the vast garden, but this time straight into the doctor’s office. The door was shut behind him. Kino scanned the room. He could feel evil and greed wavering in the air. The latter one Kino used to possess, but now knew how it always ended up.
The doctor sat bolt upright in his chair.“Why have you come?”
Kino glanced around the room and his sharp eyes rested on a pistol holster in a cabinet. “I have come to express my gratitude. Without you, my child would have died without a second chance.”
“What has happened to the little one?” the doctor wore a benevolent mask.
“He is dead,” Kino let the words linger in the air and read the doctor’s expression, which remained straight. “Anyhow, I have come to pay.”
“Of course,” the doctor replied instantly, never touching on the subject of Coyotito’s death.
As Kino reached into the bag, the Song of Evil played loudly along with another new melody. Extreme anger mixed with a longing for revenge. They played so loudly that Kino thought his ears would burst. And then they stopped, that was his cue.
Kino reached into his pouch and launched the baby scorpion onto the doctor’s neck. The tail whipped and green venom started to spread inside of the body. The doctor gagged for a moment and fell to the ground, without even a chance to blink.
And that was the end of the doctor, for greed always ends in the same way as Kino knew. Kino had served justice and felt a bittersweet success like he had when he disposed of the pearl.

The author's comments:

This piece was inspired as an extra chapter or epilogue for "The Pearl" by John Steinbeck. You might understand some pieces of the story better if you have read the book, but if you have not it is still an exciting and suspenseful read.

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