Unspoken Rule

February 13, 2017

At Super Satisfied University (formerly known as Princeton University) all of the students must wear amethyst colored clothing. Men wear spandex and distressed tank tops that are amethyst colored, while women wear long overalls with long sleeve crewnecks under. And yes all of it must be amethyst color or you are taken away by the SSUAP (Super Satisfied University Amethyst Police) and never seen again. But no student knows about this rule till they attend their first class.

Amber is a incoming freshman at Super Satisfied University. She is from the Southside of Chicago,IL. Amber’s arrival to Super Satisfied University was interesting, She met all of her teachers and learned where her classes are gonna be. But Amber never saw any students on campus. Administrators told her that it was apart of the freshman program the school has. Section 84 Line 45 “Thy inbound freshman shall not behold peer till attendance of classroom” Amber being super excited to start school, she did not think anything of it.

On Amber first day of starting class, she gets dressed in a nice blouse, jeans, and ankle boots. As Amber walks into her first class at Super Satisfied University. She sees her classmates all dressed in amethyst clothing. All the men are wearing the same thing and all the women are wearing the same thing. She walks to the nearest seat and turns to the person next to her and said, “ Why is everyone dressed in purple?” The student doesn’t respond nor look at her. Amber mumbles “So I guess I am talking to myself.”
The professor turns around from facing the board and lands his eyes on Amber. The professor said “Looks like we have a freshman that didn’t get the memo” Amber stands up and walks toward the professor with her hand out. Professor looked down at her hand then back up at her and said “Here at Super Satisfied University, we do not touch each other.” Professor looks her up and down. “Why did you not read your freshman syllabus before coming to class?” Amber was taken back by the professor’s comment.
“How did you know that?”
“Go get your syllabus! Now!” the professor said. Amber scrabbles up the stairs tripping over her feet to get to her backpack. Rushing back down the stairs and stands in front of the professor. “Turn to page 2 Line 32, and read the sentence.”

Amber was later forced into amethyst colored overalls and crewneck. After weeks of only amethyst colored clothing Amber trys to wear different clothing but her dorm roommate stops her every time. Amber has heard many stories about people who have decided to not follow the rules and not wear amethyst colored clothes. But Amber is determine to change this rule at Super Satisfied University.

In the middle of her fall semester of classes, Amber decides to wear a nice fall outfit to class. This time she woke up before her roommate so she would not stop her this time. As Amber is about to step into her first class, the SSUAP walks up to her. As they are beginning to escort her away from the class, Amber grabs her pepper spray and sprays all of the police.

All of a sudden the whole university goes on lockdown and police come from all directions trying to grab Amber. Amber begins to pepper spray every person that tries to grab her. In the midst of Amber pepper spraying people she collapses to the ground. The SSUASP (Super Satisfied University Amethyst Sniper Police) shoot her down. Amber is lying in the middle of the university in a pool of blood.

Months later, Amber’s wealthy parents sued the university. Later winning and getting the university shut down. All of the staff members of the university is now serving life at Rikers Island in Queens, New York. All of the student that attend SSU were forced to transfer 3 hours away to Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. When SSU shut down the people in the community was muddled by the news. No one knew about what was going on at the university but the students that attended.

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