The Abuse

February 13, 2017
By , De Kalb, TX

Blood rushing to my head. I couldn’t feel anything, I felt light-headed. Where was I? I remembered being laid out by my abusive step-father. He wasn’t much better than my biological father. I tried to get my mother to leave him but it wasn’t worth it. She was too scared to leave him. As soon as I got out of the hospital, I ran away. But I was coming back. My little brother, Daniel, was 6. My step-father, Charlie, had never hit Daniel; I was never going to let that happen. I packed up everything of mine and promised Daniel that I would definitely come back for him and our mom. I didn’t want Daniel to be around that, children tend to learn other people’s habits, and do what they think is right, when it’s not. As I was leaving out the door, I noticed a needle and a belt or wrap thing, on the kitchen table. Heroin? Heroin. My heart started racing. I couldn’t believe someone could do that when children were around, or even at all. I rushed out of the house, got in my car, and went downtown to the police department. I told them everything that he has done to me and in front of me. I told them about the Heroin. I begged them to save my little brother and my mother. They drove to the trailer park to quickly grab Daniel and my mother. They arrested Charlie and had him in jail, until the trial…  My mother had bruises on her temples, along her cheekbones, done her back, and on her stomach. My mother was boney, she could barely eat. My mother, Vanessa, was beautiful. I broke down and cried every time I thought about what he did to her. My mother, Daniel, and I went to the hospital. They had diagnosed my mother with Leukemia. Great. After all we’ve been through I thought we could finally escape the awful hell that my stepfather caused. With everything that’s happened, I just want my mom to be happy. She deserves to be happy after having to deal with Charlie and trying to keep a smile on her face for Daniel and I. My mother had went to a cancer treatment center. My little brother had gone to an orphanage. The trial was here.. I was testifying against Charlie, I wanted him in prison…

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