A Tale Of Two

February 1, 2017
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A Tale of Two
People say that in the world of emotions, the line between love and hate is very thin, so thin that people are often confused, and feel a presence of both at once. It seems strange that two very opposite emotions can be so close, it is often thought that there is a balance, that in order to hate you must have loved, and in order to love you must have felt hate. This is not that simple. It is a tale of two, these two dance and shift between what lesser beings can only describe as light and dark. So mischievous are these two, yet so kind they can be. They dance over the line, and toss each other around it but if one switches the other must too. One appears as a man, the other woman, one evil, one good. Which of the two, no one can tell; they so often dance and shift that they are unidentifiable. But always they are there. And the tale of two never ends, it merely shifts. The lesser beings feel them, and if you look closely, you can see them controlling the lesser beings.
There was a couple, the girl was kind, the boy was challenging. They were not compatible although the boy though they would be, so he asked the girl if he could court her. The girl did not share the boy’s thoughts, but out of pity, she allowed him to spend the evening with her. The boy had waited for ages, and she said “yes.” All evening he was not challenging but sweet, trying so hard to charm the girl. She would smile and laugh to what he thought to be his jokes. As the evening came to an end the boy asked if he could court the girl again, sometime soon. At this, the girl’s beautiful smile turned into a crooked smirk. Her hand moved from her side to rest lightly on the boy's elbow, she leaned in and whispered: “Never again.” Then she moved backward and waited for a response. The boy realized he had been played all evening,  his feelings for the girl were true, but he was still conflicted so out came “I love you” he said angrily, tears gathering in his eyes. Her smile faded “I hate you.” She said cheerfully.
Then on to another. The two went. To twist around and conflict the masses.

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