Best Buddy

February 13, 2017
By Anonymous

As he opened the car door, there was a loud yell.
“Holy c---, how did you get in my car?”
“Dylan, is that you?” asked the robber.
“James, why are you carjacking my car?”
James and Dylan are best friends. They’ve known each other since elementary school. They used to play football all the time with each other. They had sleepovers all the time. They told each other their secrets and trusted each other 100%. Once, Dylan had tried to steal a phone while hanging out with James. Dylan gave him the phone and told him to run. James freaked out because he didn’t want to get arrested. They ran full speed and disappeared into an alley. It has been a while since they have seen each other because they had recently finished college.
“I didn’t know this was your car. I’m sorry dude.”
“I don’t care that it’s my car, but why are you robbing cars?”
“I just wanted to find any valuable objects to sell. I’m trying to buy the newest game system.”
“That’s not how you get the money. That’s someone else’s hard earned money.”
“And what I’m doing is hard earned. Robbing cars is no easy business.”
“You idiot.”
“Come on man, don’t call the cops.”
“I won’t. You need to get a job.”
“No, they’re too hard. I wanna have the most possible time to play video games.”
“So you would risk going to jail instead of finding a stable source of income?”
“What’s income?”
“Money that you make. That’s why you should have paid attention in high school.”
“Whatever. You could have just said money.”
“Come on man. Don’t do this to yourself. Come with me. I’ll help you get back on track.”
“I guess.”
“Come on, get in the car.”
“I’m already in the car. Haha.”
“Shut up.”
Dylan let James sleep at his house and when he woke up in the morning, his car was gone. Dylan couldn’t believe that he let James play him like that. Meanwhile, James was jamming in the car to Famous Dex. James decided to call Dylan so that he could get his car back.
  “Dylan, can you please return my car?”
  “Only if you go on a road trip with me.”
  “Why do you want to go on a road trip?”
  “Just trust me. It’ll be fun.”
  “Fine. This better not lead to any trouble.”
  “All right,” Dylan yelled.
James packed his bag with the essentials: toothbrush, toothpaste, change of clothes, money, and food. Dylan was at his house 20 minutes later.
  “Took you long enough,” James told Dylan as he entered the car.
  “I went to get some food for both of us. A thank you would be nice.”
  “Oh. Thanks bro. Anyways, where are we going for this road trip.”
  “Anywhere. Philadelphia is great and all but I want to explore other places.”
  “Why do you want to do this now?”
  “I don’t know. The idea just came to me. What’s wrong with two best friends hanging out.”
  “Nothing. Well, I guess it’s better than staying home and watching TV.”
  “All right. Then let’s get going.”
Dylan peeled off and headed towards the highway. James was hoping that Dylan wouldn’t do anything stupid.
  “Ever wondered what a police chase was like?” Dylan asked.
  “Why are you asking me that?”
Dylan started to speed up in the car.
  “Dylan, please don’t do this,” James urged.
Dylan didn’t listen. He started driving at 100 mph. A camera caught him and police sirens could be heard in the distance.
  “We’ll be fine. I play videogames with police chases. I know how to get out of these situations.”
  “This is not a videogame. This is real life,” James declared, trying to stay calm.
“This is the police. Pull over immediately.”
“Sorry officer. I can’t do that,” Dylan yelled as he poked his head out of the window.
Dylan continued driving while police cars began following him. James was slumped down in his seat. Dylan gave him a pat on the shoulder. James knew something like this would happen. It appeared like he hated this situation but deep down, he knew he was having fun with best friend, Dylan.

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