The Last Pitch

January 10, 2017
By Goat$ BRONZE, Newmarket, New Hampshire
Goat$ BRONZE, Newmarket, New Hampshire
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“Ok coach time to make a huge impact on this baseball league” excitedly  said Luke.  “No preasure son ( said in a sarcastic way)” uttered coach.   “Alright folks we have a close game here in Phoenix Arizona with a tie game 7-8 bottom of the ninth and 2 outs” disclaimed the commentator.  “High curve for ball one” says the commentator.  “ Ohh fastball right down the pipe” pointed out by the commentator.  “Come on bud that was your pitch” the dugout claims.  “This isn’t normal two low balls in a row and now we have a 3-1 count which is a hitters choice” stated the commentator.  “Change up got him swinging and this isn’t a good spot for the rookie Luke Nom” blurted the commentator.  “Ump time please” whispered Luke.  “Ok this is a make or break situation for Luke” claims the commentator.  “This is my pitch right down the middle” confidently says Luke. 

It was quiet for a good 6 seconds.  Luke looks around disappointed and heads back to the dugout knowing that he would be hated for the rest of his life and no one will respect Luke again.      

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