The One That Changed My Life

February 5, 2017

It was moving day. I woke up feeling like I was going to puke big, huge, smelly chunks of last night's meatloaf. My mom comes into my room and puts her arm around me and tells me that everything will be ok. Then I started to remember the day about a month ago when my Dad told me we were moving. I cried so much I could fill an ocean with my tears.
I want to believe my mom that everything will be ok, but I just couldn’t when I was feeling like that. All I wanted to do was unpack all of those giant brown boxes, and stay right here in Dayton and never leave. Unfortunately, that wish was not reality.
“ Alison, are you almost ready?” I heard my dad yell from down stairs.
“ I don’t really have any choice, do I?” I said sarcastically.
So, we started walking out the door to start a so called new life. I was not ready for this at all. The thought of being a new student makes my stomach do gymnastics inside me. Leaving my old house and friends made the feel like something was being ripped out of my heart. I then realized what my friend Sara had said when I told her I was moving.
“ Sara, I have to tell you something,” I said as I swallowed the lump in my throat.
“ What is it?” she asked with a very sense of concern.
“ I have to move to Denver Colorado,” I mumbled barely being able to speak.
“ WHAT? YOU HAVE TO MOVE!” she screamed through the whole entire school sobbing. The sight of her sobbing made my heart feel like a thousand weights being smashed on top of it.
We arrive at the house after what felt like a never ending car ride. I walk in and all I saw was fancy everything. There was fancy furniture, fancy rooms, fancy plates, fancy cups, and fancy tv’s. I felt, like if I were to break something all you would’ve seen was fancy glass shattered all around the fancy room. The “DING!” would have been as fancy as the fancy floor it hit.
I put everything where it went and organized my new room. At that moment, living in that new, huge, fancy house wasn’t so bad after all. Then I realized that I had to face one of my biggest challenges, being a new student.
  The day I had dreaded most out of the move had arrived. That day was my first day of my new school. I was so nervous it felt like there was a park of butterflies in my stomach, all moving at once. My mom called me and told me it was time to go. I tried to stall her as much as I could, but nothing was working. We started driving away. The closer we got the more nervous I became.
We arrived at the school and I saw kids standing outside talking, waiting to go in. When we pulled in they all started staring at me. Their eyes felt like beaming lasers inside me.
I walked inside to the principal's office to get my class schedule. He talked to my mom and I about the school and other things that I didn’t really pay attention to. He gave me a stack of papers to sign that were as high as the ceiling. Then he finally let me go to class. My mom and I walked out of the class, she kissed me on the head, and told me to stay strong, and try to make some friends.
The day went by so slow. It felt like I had been in school for 10 months. All of my teachers were kinda boring to listen to, but that doesn’t matter because I couldn’t pay attention due to the fact that I felt like such an outsider. This became more evident at lunch time.
I walked into the cafeteria and saw almost everyone in the school sitting around tables eating. I had no idea where to sit or who to sit by in that matter. I saw someone sitting all by themselves so I decided to go sit with them. I swear he looked exactly like a younger version of  Patrick Swayze.
“ Is that ok if I sit here? I’m new and don’t really know anymone,” I asked in my softest voice.                                                                                                                                     
They were as welcoming as a Soup Kitchen when he invitingly said, “ Sure, no problem.”  We sat and talked the whole lunch.  I laughed at their jokes and as they called them “life lessons.” But before I knew it, lunch was over and we had to say goodbye
“ Will you be here tomorrow?” they asked me.
“ Of course!” I reply.
“ Good, I really enjoyed talking to you today,” they smiled.
“ Awe, Thank you! I enjoyed talking to you too,” I said with a big grin.
School ended and after a long day, I finally got to go home. I walked in the door where my mom was waiting for me.
“ How was your day?” she excitedly asked me.
“ Not too bad. I met a new friend,” I explain.
“ That’s great, Sweetie!” she said with much enthusiasm.
Even though the I still felt like an outsider for the rest of the year, and missed my old school and old friends, I knew I could look forward to lunch everyday.  We sat together for the rest of the year and told each other about ourselves, our families, and our struggles of feeling like outsiders.  But, at least we could be outsiders together.  After those first 4 months of non stop talking we finally started dating, and he became my first love.  Twenty years have now passed since I asked him if I could sit with him on that first day, and that is still the best decision I’ve ever made. 
“My point is that’s why you should not be afraid to move to your new school next week.  Trust me, it will be ok.  You might even meet the love of your life.”
“ Who was he? What happened to him?”
“ He is your father kids.  We got married and had two beautiful children.”

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