The Patient (revised)

February 9, 2009
By Kvothe BRONZE, Sparta, Tennessee
Kvothe BRONZE, Sparta, Tennessee
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"What are you doing," asked the patient strapped to a gurny for protection of both patient and doctor. "Just another tranquilizer, buddy." said the doctor swabbing a spot on the patient's arm. "Why? What did I do?" asked the patient. "Do you not remember your crimes?" asked the doctor laughing. "Crimes, like more than one?" said the patient. "Yes, more than one." replied the doctor. "I'm confused." stated the patient. "Well." started the doctor. "After your daughter was diagnosed with cancer, you held up a liquior store for a good two dollars. You're here because you broke down and turned yourself in." laughed the doctor. Then, something snapped in the patient. "No!" yelled the patient throwing a fit fighting at the restraints. "Stop." ordered the doctor. "Make me." yelled the patient looking at the doctor so coldly the doctr stepped back. Then, it happened the restraints broke. "Hey there doctor." said the patient standing in front of the doctor with a syringe sticking out of his arm. "Don't hurt me." cried the doctor. The patient just laughed.

By the time security got there the doctor was tied up with the broken restraints. "What the... anyway where's the patient?" they asked the doctor as they took the gag out of his mouth. "In the ceiling." he said crying. "How?"asked the main guard. "He took the ladder up there with him." said the doctor in a paniced voice. "Crap. Joe go get a ladder." said the main guard. "Fine." mocked Joe. "Watch it." warned the main guard. With that Joe left in a flash and returned with a ladder.

The patient crawled through utter darkness for what seemed like an eternity. Then, a light appeared at the end. Freedom he thought.

"Screw this. I'm going to the front of the building and wait." said Joe pissed off as the other four guards went up the riggidy old ladder and kicked it down. Joe walked out the front door at the same time, the patient fell out the top. Crash. The patient landed on Joe and both of them fell in a heap. Joe was knocked out on impact which made it esier on the patient to steal a lab coat and escape to an ambulance. Off he rode toward the only cancer center in the state, St. John's Research Center.

As he was driving he didn't know how to greet himself to his dying daughter: Hey baby, no that wouldn't fit. Then, he made it to the center. Too late to turn back now.

He walked up to the front desk. 'I'm here to see Rose.' he said. 'Hang on.' Said the receptionist as she looked at the computer. 'Your name, sir.' She asked. 'Jake.' He replied. 'Um, I'm sorry sir you're not on the list. 'I'm her father.' he started to shout irritated. 'Well, if you think you need to see the girl, Jake, talk to the mother over there in the lobby and ask her.' As she said that Jake turned and saw his wife, former wife. She divorced him because he was medical 'unstable'. Apologies were to be made.

'Jenny?' Jake said quietly for fear of a fight. 'Who said my name?' she said and turned to see Jake. 'What? How?' she began. 'Stop before you began to hate me, I came to see Rose.' he said. 'Sorry, she's not allowed to see you.' Jenny said. 'She's my daughter, Jenny, you can't deny my right as a father. She is my child too.' he said with teary eyes. 'How did you get here?' she asked. Jake explained his story trying not to seem crazy. 'Fine you can see her.' Jenny said. 'But she won't be around long she's terminally ill with cancer.' she added sadly. Then, they went to Rose's room.

'Jenny, can I be alone with her.' He pleaded. 'Okay.' Said Jenny walking out the door. 'Rose.' he cried softly. 'Daddy.' he heard a soft voice say. 'Yes, honey.' he almost cried. 'I love you.' she said. 'I love you too.' he cried. After that nothing was said till Rose past away.

Jake ran out of the room crying and hugged Jenny. 'I'm sorry for my past actions, Jenny. Can you forgive me?' pleaded Jake as he cried on her shoulder. 'Yes.' she said with a tear falling down her cheek. 'I forgive you.'

The author's comments:
This isn't a true story of course, but a sad one it is. I hoppe you all enjoy it. Peace out.

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