February 10, 2017

The definition of purity is the freedom from adulteration or contamination.  Are any of us really pure? To people being pure is there a virgin, never consumed alcohol or did drugs. There is more to people's opinion of being pure, but these three main things are what hurts people and their lifestyles. There are many people from children to elderly that never have done these three things that hardly have any purity in them. All ages have or are going to see something that will scar them for life and it will be something that they will never forget. For example, a child might be at home in bed ready to sleep until they hear arguing in the next room and come to find out that it will be their parents. Being a curious kid like all children are will slip out of bed and slowly, but cautiously walk towards the next room. While walking the kid hears loud bangs and bumps with a couple of muffled screams from their mother who doesn't want to wake her pure child. Soon the kid gets to the room and opens the door even more cautiously than before and once their head peaks in their precious eyes will grow with horror and silent tears building. They see their mother crying on the floor with their father towering over her and his back is to the child. Once the mother looks back up towards her husband she catches sight of her child ahead of her and she looks back with wide eyes of horror and adding to the tears she already had. The father looming overturns to see what she is looking at and also catches sight of his frightened child. His demeanor changed from angry and stiff to soft and regretful. Next, the kid just falls to his knees with disbelief and confusion because he remembered talking to his mom about the things they loved and how the kid asked his mom if she loved the father and she said "absolutely." What followed next is, the father appeared behind her and wrapped his arms around her so lovingly and said "definitely." Another time the kid threw his teddy bear across his room because he was mad at his friend for a little fight they had about his favorite box of crayons. His mom scolding him not to throw the teddy bear because his love for the teddy was so great that she didn't want him to blame his teddy. She said, "You never hurt the things you love, because love, will always overpower the want of hurting the thing you love." That is why the kid is so confused because if his parents really did love each other they wouldn't hurt each other, right? While he was in the mind of confusion his mom came forward to him and wrapped her arms around him. The father just stood and watch. After a few moments of watching he gathered his things and left passed them opening the door wider so he can slip through. Soon the mother and the kid hear the front door closed followed by a car peeling away. That experience created an older version of the kid that turned out exactly like his father because he grew up with this memory and with his mom continuously going back to his father. He swore never to turned out like that, but he did because it stuck with him and it was the first event that marked him as un-pure, even as a child. Something as great as love can be horrible and a purified feeling. An awful experience with finding out love can be horrible is what made him to the person he is and changes his lifestyle of what it could be if he didn't see that.

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