An Ice Princess

February 7, 2009
By rockurself SILVER, Hillsboro, Ohio
rockurself SILVER, Hillsboro, Ohio
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I stood in this warm room all alone beside myself. The unmarked glass was the only wall separating me between this harsh weather. I had been torn apart. The warmth was too good for me. It's touch kept my heart beating, kept my soul alive. I didn't deserve the warmth. The warmth that made the agonizing pain spread throughout my body. A cancer that would surely kill me in a matter of time. My body slowly corroding, dying off, all hope lost.

I was mashed into billions of tiny pieces. A puzzle never to be put back together again. This room seemed to smirk at my heartache, my demise. It's colorful walls cackling at the ruins of my soul.

I had to ask myself 'Did I expect forever, a life full of bless, without the scars, the crimson blood?'

Love was an illusion that fooled me. A trap that looked too attractive. It was a lie. A deep dark hole I fell into and I could no longer climb out, the darkness nipping at my heels.

I stared at the snow falling. It's beauty was too real. The ground was covered, a thin blanket. The world had been bleached and cleansed.

The sky held unusual tones of grey, they were so lonely crying crystal tears.

The small, dusty flakes of snow seemed to glisten. The scene was too breathtaking for my blue eyes. Maybe it was magic. It looked as if millions of small pieces of silver glitter was falling from the sky.

The cold wind grazed the tall oak tree. It's small fragile branches quivered.

I opened the glass door. The wind swirled aground my body, grabbing my wrist, leading my body into a blanket of bliss.

The Arctic chill. My salvation that would cease this pain that seemed to burn my insides, a disease that held no sympathy.

I rest here on the cold hard ground hoping for the blood to freeze. The pain to stop coursing throughout my body.

My soul soon to leave this lifeless body.

I wished that the pain would conclude this sick dramatic piece where I was the star.
All eyes on me.

My dark hair seemed to clash against the colorless Earth that surrounded my body.

The numbness came to take control of my fingers then my toes.
Darkness came to call to see I was still alive.

I heard a familiar voice bound to take me away from my snowy bliss. His warm hands cradled my body. Tears fell from the edges of my eyes. My own crystals to glisten in the light.

My heart sank.

A white knight came to save his distressed ice princess.

The pain was still inside beating in tune with my heart.

This feeling, I wondered, would it ever go away?

Would it hide away inside my body, never determined to leave, tucked behind my heart awaiting the ideal moment to spring.

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