Sparkle In My Eyes

February 6, 2017
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Lexi’s POV:

I knew her ever since we were in college. Nothing much had changed since then, except our age. She is an old lady who loves her job as a doctor. She is old now, and she is not the same as she was four decades ago, but her eyes still sparkle with determination whenever she sees her patients. Her age does not stop her from anything she does. Her wrinkled hands are still as good as new and and her warm smile never fades.

Sue’s POV

The alarm rings for the seventh time. I chuck my pillow at my phone as I walk out of bed and into the bathroom. I brush my hair and tie it up into a ponytail. I look at my reflection in the mirror. I touch the corners of my eyes and feel the creases. I sigh. I am getting old. Although my face is so much smoother than most people, there is no denying that I am getting old. My eyes, though, never age. The same passion and love for my job is still evident in my eyes. I brush my teeth, cleanse my face, and take my vitamin supplements. I go to my closet and get dressed into a simple white top and black pants. Before I go out, I walk to the kitchen and grab a premade smoothie from the refrigerator.

I walk through the doors of the same hospital I had worked in ever since I was an intern. I take a sip of my iced green tea latte as I wait for the elevator to come. When the elevator lands on the second floor, I walk straight into my room and sit on my chair. The photos on my desk catch my attention. It reminds me of my younger days when I had the strength to go on mission trips in Africa and help those who were in need. I smile as warmth fills my heart. I miss those days. My thought gets interrupted by a knock on the door.
“Good morning, Sue. Your first patient should be here in here in five minutes,” Lexi greets. She is a nurse, and she was my best friend since college. We were roommates, and she knows how hard I worked to stand here. She watched me overcome all the hardships that came my way to become who I am now. My eyes crinkle and the corners of my lips curl up into a smile, thinking about how proud I am. When the minute hour hand hits eight, I take a deep breath and get ready to meet my first patient of the day.

My last patient just left, and I am ready to go home. Part of me does not want to leave. I wish my hours were longer, I think to myself. I want to help more people become better and help them live a healthier life. I walk out the hospital doors and my white Mercedes bleeps to greet me.

I lie in bed. I close my eyes and think about how much I love my job. I love watching my patients’ eyes brighten as they get better, seeing them improve, being able to watch their lives change over time, and how happy the patients’ family becomes when they recover. Although I have known all along that I wanted to become a dermatologist, there was a time in college when I had doubted myself. The work seemed overwhelming, and I was not too sure if I actually wanted to become a dermatologist.

Will it all be worth it in the end? I would wonder. While my friends were starting their own families and living a successful life, I was stuck in the corner of my room, studying until three or four in the morning. My life was so busy, and everyday was a copy of the day before.

I could not help but doubt myself and ask, “Will it all be worth it in the end?”

The answer to the question, was yes. I am glad I made it through the hardships I faced. Going to work everyday makes my eyes sparkle, skin tingle, and makes me feel giddy. I love my job, and I would not trade it for anything else. Ever. My eyes feel heavier and heavier. I think I’m falling asleep. I can’t wait for tomorrow to come.

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