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February 7, 2017
By SSaenz01 BRONZE, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
SSaenz01 BRONZE, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
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The warm sunlight shone on the calm meadow. Everything was quiet except for the sound of the birds chirping and the wind blowing. A pair of kids, one boy and one girl, not yet in their adulthood were making their way across the meadow.

“Should we sit down here?” the boy asked.

“If you want to,” the girl replied.

“But I’m asking you if you like this spot.”

“Who cares if I like the spot.”

“I do,” the words left a silence between them.

“Very well,” the girl broke the silence, “I like this spot.” With that they sat down on the green grass, wet with the morning dew. The boy set down the heavy picnic basket, and one by one took out its contents. After everything was in place they began to eat. As they sat there eating, two birds perched themselves on top of the picnic basket. The girl admired them for a brief moment before speaking,
“They’re lucky to have each other,” the boy stopped eating and stared at her with big eyes, “no one deserves to be alone,” she continued.

“That’s true, loneliness is the worst of all feelings,” he mumbled, his mouth full with food. The girl looking at the birds asked in a calm voice,
“Do you love me?” The boy choked on his food. The girl restated her question, “I mean do you like to have me around, do I bring you happiness, do you like being my friend?”

“Of course I do!” he replied, giving her a big smile.

“Are you sure?”

“I’ve never been more sure about anything, why do you ask?”

“I wanted to make sure.”

“No matter what the answer is yes.”

“Thanks,” the girl looked at the setting sun, her hair blowing in the wind. The boy sensed a deep sadness within her, one that came and never left. He thought about what to say. Once he gathered his thoughts he stood up and looked down at her.

“These are the reasons why,” he began. The girl met his gaze and arched an eyebrow.


“These are the reasons why.”

“What are you talking-” the boy cut her off.

“These are the reasons why I love you,” he began again. “when we first met I was young and alone, and I didn’t have anyone to share my time with. When I met you that all seemed to change. I loved seeing you everyday, and there wasn’t anyone I talked to more than you.” The girl continued to stare him in the eyes. “you were the one who would listen to what I had to say. I knew I could trust you, and you were the one who gave me the attention I never knew I needed.” The girl looked up with bright eyes, tears forming on her water line. The boy continued his declaration,

“These are the reasons why I love you. We are never apart no matter what, and no force is strong enough to split us apart. We may fight but we can always make up no matter the circumstances. There’s no way for us to grow apart, because our connection is so special to the both of us.” The girl stared at him, her mouth open as if to respond.

“Thank you,” was all she could say. The boy finished his long narrative,
“Everything has a reason. The waves of the ocean rise and fall because of the moon. We stay on this earth because of gravity, and the seasons change because of the rotation of our planet. Yet, none of these reasons are as beautiful as the reasons why I love you. I will stay with you until my time ends, and after that I will stay in your heart.” The girl stood up and embraced the boy, clutching on to him like her life depended on it.

“Thank you,” she said again, but instead of sadness he heard the joy he’d been waiting to hear his whole life.

The author's comments:

I was inspired by my relationship with my best friend, and how much we love each other and would do anything for each other. We help each other grow and we both need each other as much as the other.

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