the farm

November 21, 2016

The sun singes the skin as its rays shimmer on the moistened layers protecting her from the burn. She watches her feet lift off as if they are airplanes reaching their highest point then continuing to land closer and closer as she grows towards the entrance gliding along the ground, walking sprightlier than all the others. The colors lay themselves on her eyes as she gazes on the scenery. Endless green land runs towards the horizon, stretching as far and wide as she can see. The view enchants her mind allowing her to experience the vastness there is to discover. She uses her strength to lift herself onto the calm green tractor trailer as a deep black cloud is released into the clear air. The dirt covered tires rotate pulling passengers relaxing on hay bales ordered neatly in benches. As they step off, they begin their scavenger hunt. The emerald green rows cover the lands as the sweet aroma of thousands of small red pillows held together by a mushy core hide under the green leaves. They choose their first grainy dirt path to browse through as it separates the thousands of shiny green plush bushes. She gazes towards the end of the row imagining all that is hidden. The glowing red gems peak out from under the leaves causing the picker to need a keen eye to see their beauty. All it takes is a soft touch to gracefully remove the berry from the plush bush into the light blue carton that is used to cradle the berries on their journey. It is almost as if the sweetening berries are playing a natural game of hide and seek, grown into the perfect hiding spot, giving anyone that finds them a special prize of a delicious delicate taste. She cannot resist eating the first delicacy she picks, gazing upon it as if it was gold. The lady bug size juice pillows lay on your tongue with a smooth touch. The first bite sends juices fleetingly around the surface of your mouth as they seep into your tastes buds you start to grow an inevitable smirk. The sweetness overrides all other ideas of taste you have ever experienced. She finds their rare gentle sweet taste irresistible and can’t resist eating more. This dainty berry is different from the ones purchased in a clear box with long oval cut outs, closed together with a label imaged with a farm like the one her feet now grace themselves upon. She examines another intricate berry having a sudden realization that even the appearance varies. The raspberries contained a softer brightness of red and remained fresh unlike the depressed ones at the booming supermarkets visited by everyone. She felt a little bit of sadness as she discovered others would never taste this freshness. After slowly consuming the mouthwatering delectable she looks up at the crystal blue sky seeing as the rays bounce off the light particles soaring around the sky. She quickly releases her sight from the sky closing her eyes to try and stop them from tearing as they recover from the soft rays shining brightly into the blue gateways of her beautiful young soul. When she releases the tension in her scrunched face she once again is taken by the subtle sounds of the breeze brushing itself against the fine leaves and the many bright and pleased colors of the farm. Some of the graduals covering the ground lift into the sky as the air waft itself along them; this creates a brighter shine in the air reflected off the immense amount of dust now floating. The limp green cartons have begun to grow full as she continues to uncover their hiding spots. Her feet have grown tired as they pressure themselves against the walls of her tattered dusty black converse. Her back began to grow an arch that proved the long hours of searching had worn her delicate young body. The dirty cloth draped over her slim body has grown moist as it begins to cling using each fiber in the cotton to catch on her soft skin. She can smell the distinct aroma of sweat as it lifts into the air giving proof of a full day’s work. Finally she stacks the cartons upon one other balancing them in her dainty arms as she brings then to the old weathered lady with warn hands pointing at each carton as she quietly decides the price these priceless delights. Pulling the small withered bills from her pocket and a few rusted coins, she places the money into the hands of the lady, finally making the delicious berries game for her to devour them all. As she starts to walk away with a tall but tired pride she can’t help but giggle as she greatly appreciates the immense amount of work the wise lady had put in to help give every child this pleasure of edible gems. She leaves with the intention to return in the next season for another exciting hunt.

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