Words of Salvation

November 17, 2016

The words of salvation, typed in bold capital letters and flashing in all of their glory, drawing me in like a simple recipe to an indulgent chocolate pudding. "Click here for: FOUR WAYS TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL!" and without hesitation or a single trace of a conscious decision my cursor found its way to the link, just as fast as I found myself dedicating half my well-earned savings to a separate bank account, labelled "investment for the future". Feeling very pleased with myself at discovering this life changing advice, I smiled at the promising life to come. Now finally, washing dishes for small change and receiving birthday money instead of gifts didn't seem so bad. My money had a purpose and so did my life.
However I soon realised that step 3 in the guide to success was more challenging than it was made out to be. This I discovered as my, "investment for the future" slowly began to diminish. Learning that there was a lot more that I "needed" for the future, I reflected on so many of the decisions my parents had tried their best to prepare me for.
Somehow, it occurred to me that in a consumer driven world, modern temptation often trumps aspiration. I found myself in a growing pit of necessities that would assure me of a happy life. See, the money so maturely set aside would pay for university, which opened the daunting gates to employment. Once I was given a job, I needed a car of course but then was that enough independence? No. I'd take out a mortgage on a home and live on my own two feet. Then after a while, maybe I would find someone, settle down and complete the family unit. Wait. What if, like so many people I find myself looking back on my life coming to the horrifying realisation that I'd had no adventure? No exploration? Well, I always had the option to travel. Additionally, of course there were all the small things to consider in between; health insurance, life insurance, car insurance, medical bills, electricity bills, water bills, credit bills! Clothes, Wi-Fi, pets, weddings, funerals, possible renovations, possible promotions, possible divorce, school fees and law fees and tax fees and so the list continues. So it goes on and on.
But don't fret, no no the future is always bright! Flashing and bold and capitalised. Not a list, a journey, a path that leads to an ultimate destination. When we think of tomorrow we associate it with a chance. A chance to make our dull or repetitive lives something better. Now is what it is but tomorrow could be something entirely more appealing, there's always possibility. Children dream of growing up and fighting dragons. Teens live for the adventure, the thrill of youth. Adults forever strive towards infinite and ultimate success. The elderly live better than we all do because they're living towards death. On and on it goes.
As long as we fill out heads with phrases like, "the sun is brighter on the other side" and "there's always tomorrow" there’ll always be hope for a better day.

The now is better that way.

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