Cask of Amontillado plot twist

November 20, 2016
By , Weaverville, NC

It was a chilly November evening and Montresor has had a busy day running errands and cleaning around the house. By the time she was done, it was time to make dinner for her needy husband, Fortunato, so she decided to just throw some chicken, from the night before, in the oven. Twenty minutes later, Fortunato arrived, looking exhausted as usual from his busy day working as a vacuum salesman. Montresor asks, “So, how was work today?” He looks up at her and says, “Fine” with a sigh. He put his briefcase on the floor and sat down at the table, as Montresor pulled the chicken out of the oven. She noticed Fortunato looked disappointed, so she said, “What? Is this not good enough for you.” He then says, “No it is fine, it’s just that we had chicken last night.” “Well I guess that’s why they are called ‘leftovers’,” she says with that death glare in her eyes. Fortunato decides to give it up  and eat his dinner. They ate in silence. Once they were done with dinner, Fortunato offers to clean the dishes so Montresor sits down on the couch and decides to watch her favorite show, Vampire Diaries. As she strolls through the recordings on the T.V., she asks Fortunato,” Hey boo, where are my Vampire Diaries? I thought I recorded it last Friday.” Fortunato knows she is going to get mad so he says,” Oh, I’m sorry. They were taking up too much space and I needed to record Bob’s Burgers so I deleted them.” Montresor is trying to keep her cool but she yelled, “ You deleted my favorite show? Why did you do that?!” “Well, there were so many and I thought you might of already watched them, “ Fortunato said with guilt. “That is because I am always so busy and I never have any time to watch T.V.,” she said. Fortunato started to get frustrated so he said something he would soon regret, “Yeah right. What could you possibly be busy with?  I am the one that has to work all day!” Montresor snapped back saying,”Do you really think I sit around all day and do nothing? I clean Your house, do your bills, buy your food, do your laundry!” Fortunato calmly interrupts and says, “All I am trying to say is that I am the man and I make the money so I should get to watch the T.V.” “Well that’s not fair, Women are not allowed to get a job.” Fortunato responds saying, “Exactly, now hand me the remote.” Montresor was infuriated with him that he had so little respect for her. She threw the remote on the ground and said in a dark creepy voice, “You will regret what you just said to me, Fortunato. You will wish you were never brought into this world. You won’t know when it is coming or where it is coming but trust me, it is coming.” and within seconds Montresor was gone. A week later she met him at the carnival, where he must have been too drunk to remember the warning she gave him, she lured him into the catacombs and pushed him into a small space where he was burned to death. Once she completed her revenge Montresor decided to prove to people like fortunato that she was capable than just being a housewife the rest of her life, so she attended the University of Rome as the first woman to ever attend college, not to mention she graduated with all honors and a PhD. She went on to become a clinical psychologist and volunteer at multiple charities. She lived the rest of her life content with her 3 children, Ashton, Zane and Marcia, and supportive husband, Alfredo. Montresor died at age 61, which is pretty good considering it is the 1800’s. She taught hundreds of people a valuable lesson, which is Women and men are equal and should be considered equal in the eyes of society.

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