The Eyes

November 18, 2016
By bellafaraway BRONZE, Lenox Dale, Massachusetts
bellafaraway BRONZE, Lenox Dale, Massachusetts
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Red, red as a rose in its prime, that barn was. Some say the madness that happened in that barn was of my causing. But I was not mad. That creature was my tormentor, it haunted me through my days in that house, with that barn, and it still plagues my sleep. The cat, though it did me no physical harm, was a demon. It would sit on the red stall swishing its tail back and forth, back and forth, all while staring at me with those devilish yellow eyes. A scar ran down its face, a sign of its evil, and it was appalling. Just swishing its long, matted tail as it stared and stared. The chipped red paint of the barn flaked off as that creature slid its long and horrible body along the walls. In the night it would give a bloodcurdling yowl, just to disrupt what little sleep I had. Finally I couldn’t take it any longer. I plotted to kill the cat. I purchased a gun and hid it in the prickly hay. The floor of the hayloft creaked as I crept across the splintery floorboards. At midnight I retrieved my weapon and snuck up on that demonic animal.  My shaky hand raised the gun. It opened its eyes and let out a yowl. I shot it, it was dead. The cat’s reign over my life was over. I went to bed with a light heart. As I was lying in bed, I saw a glimmer of yellow outside the window. There were its yellow eyes staring out the window. A yowl pierced the night. Fear gripped at my heart as I seized up. I ran out to the big red barn. The eyes, the eyes were there! I had to end this. I retrieved a burning stick from the hearth and threw it into the dry hay. Flames spread everywhere, burning out the eyes. But they were following my every move! I ran, ran towards the woods, where the eyes could not see, but they were there, following, following me! I stopped in the middle of a bridge as the earsplitting yowling filled my ears. The eyes were there, I could not escape them. The torrents of icy water rushing below were an escape from those horrible yellow eyes. I jumped off of the bridge into the rocky river far below me, and the eyes still watched.

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