What They Don't See

November 18, 2016
By , Lenox Dale, MA

She was so happy on the outside. Her smile could light up a room and she was loved. But the smiles were fake and in her world, no one loved her. She was alone.
In her world, tears flowed as freely as a river, and they created an ocean for her to drown in.
The fake smiles were gone, she could only see the ugliness in those smiles, how her skin crinkled at the corners, how her crooked teeth stuck out. But in her world, the scars on her wrist were part of her; they were her escape from all that could harm her. But her demons fed off of the blood, just waiting for the moment when they would be strong enough to take her entirely.
When they did, she was scared.
She didn’t want to go, but they persuaded her with her insecurities and made her hate herself.
She went with them, hand in hand with doubt and fear, knowing that no one would care.
They cried at her funeral even though they didn’t know her. They didn’t really care. Their tears were as fake as her smiles were.
But I cared. My demons waited in the shadows, waiting for my smiles to become fake so they can hide behind them. Maybe I’ll join her soon; she was the only one who loved me anyways.

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