The Boy

November 18, 2016
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“Please,” the boy begged as he held up his “help me, I'm homeless” sign.

  “NO,” the grumpy old man said. “Not with that dirty body.” The boy looked at his mom's old pocket watch that she gave him when he was 3 and walked away because he didn't want to get made fun of again. The boy walked into a red brick alley for some food.He had not eaten in months .When he walked in the alley,he heard a quiet whine, so the boy ran to the back of the alley.The boys skinny legs went as fast as they could. When he got to the back of the alley,he saw a dog with a cut open leg,so he quickly took of his shirt and wrapped it around the dogs skinny black leg.
“I’ll save you buddy,stay with me!” the boy said.The boy quickly grabbed a rope and tied it around the dog's neck.The boy started walking towards the sidewalk.The dog saw food on the street and limped over to it. Life flashed before the boy's eyes when a black ferrari blew by ,and crushed the dog under it's black wheels,so the boy rushed over and tried to save the dog but it was too late.The boy fell to his knees. It was later the next day when the boy was back on the streets looking for money.In the search for money the boy found an old advil container,so he smashed it with a rock..The boy had a headache from not eating in a long time,so he took a pill to make it go away,and just seconds later the boy puked up the pill and the little crumbs he found yesturday.The puke was everywhere,on his ripped up blue jeans that he found and his bare skinny body.He quickly rushed over to a house near by and knocked on the door with his elbow and waited, waited and waited,until a large man with a small child on his back opened the door and said
“What do you want?” in a jerky voice.
“Umm...well… I was wondering if you had a hose so I could get this of me?” the boy said nervously.
“I would but,I'm kinda busy right now,” the man said.The boy walked off the man's porch and heard the door slam.He walked to the next house and knocked on the door just like the last. This time an old grumpy man answered and said
“Do you need something?” This time the boy took a while to say something because he recognised the old man,but he was probably dreaming.
“Could you get this puke off of me?” the boy said more confidently.
“Sure, but can I ask you a question?” the old man asked.
“Ok?” the boy said questioning.
“Were you that boy I said “No” to a couple days ago?”
“Umm...Yeah,” the boy said nervously.
“Oh I'm so very sorry,” the old man said apologetically. “I was in a rush”
“It's ok,” the boy happily . “I understand sometimes people need to go places”
“Well let's get you to the shower to get that puke off of you!!” the nice old man stated.
“Thank you!” the boy exclaimed “ And you know what? You're nicer than I thought.”

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