Esteban's Story Continues

November 14, 2016

Alright…how are we going to start this story. I know, okay there was a car chase and explosions, Esteban is on the run. No, never mind, that doesn’t sound good, how about we just start where we left off. Okay, here we go
Esteban just got out of his meeting with his therapist, who fell asleep in the middle of him spilling his guts out to her about his problems. Esteban was feeling even more sad and depressed when he got back to his apartment in downtown Harlem. The place still looked a mess from when the police raided it, looking for the money he took when he was hypnotized by the good doctor in upper East side Harlem. Esteban was sad because after that little fiasco, no one trusted him, he lost his job and got made fun of everywhere he went.
One day while Esteban was walking by the bar near his apartment that just opened up, he heard the sound of glass breaking, and things being tossed around. Esteban, the kind fool that he was, decided to go and investigate what was happening. So Esteban went around the back of the bar and went inside. Inside of the bar smelled musty, like alcohol, and of people trying to drink their problems away. Basically the kind of place that Esteban would’ve ended up if he wasn’t such a lightweight.
As Esteban walked through the back of the bar, and into the main area, he heard people fighting, so he hurried and when he got in there he saw the bar owner behind the counter with his hands up and shaking with fear. Opposite of him was a big burly man with a long beard, Shaggy hair, and the hands of a construction worker. In the man’s hand was a glock pistol pointed at the bar owner. “I told you what was going to happen if you didn’t pay us back in full”, the bearded man said. “No, please…tell Chang I’ll pay him back by this time next week!” said the owner. “I’m sorry Teddy, but Chang doesn’t give people 3 chances just to be let down again.” The bearded man c***ed the gun. Esteban afraid for Teddy’s life looked around for a weapon, finally he saw this empty bottle of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. Esteban creeped up behind the man with the gun and swung the bottle to the back of the dude’s head, and down he went.
A couple minutes later the cops showed up, and thanked Esteban for his heroic service, and the bar owner told Esteban that he could have a job at the bar. Esteban would also get free drinks for life. And although it didn’t happen immediately, people started trust Esteban again and a couple of off duty police officers who had raided Esteban’s apartment, helped clean it up and put it back together. All in all, the day that Esteban saved the guy was the best day in his life.
The End

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Fabness said...
Nov. 23, 2016 at 1:17 am
This is awesome!!
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