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November 10, 2016
By PotatoMan360 SILVER, Overland Park, Kansas
PotatoMan360 SILVER, Overland Park, Kansas
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As you sit down on your seat preparing for the long flight to come, you feel a tapping on your shoulder. Considering you are next to the window seat, you just assume the person next to you was bumping into you as they sat down. Of course, you'd be wrong. The, shall we say, larger man next to you starts to jab at your collarbone. you turn to see his half-bald head, unshaved face, "Tron" T-shirt, 4-sizes-too-small-shorts, and his leather flip flops which could barely contain his feet. As you start to turn away, you hear his booming, blubbery voice. He starts in and you can feel you're already past the point of no return. He starts in, slowly talking about how he had to get stitches when he was 3, how he won first place in "Oscar Meyer's 15th annual hot dog eating contest" when he was 7, and how he me Mike Wazowski at MonsterCon 2002 when he was 9. As he goes on about how he wishes he had gotten the GBA when it came out, you can't take it anymore. You think about how you can make him stop without being to rude considering how he was in the middle of how he soaked his macintosh with his own tears over World of Warcraft.

Suddenly, It hits you.

You order about five platters of cheese cubes and ten bags of "crap-seasoned" peanuts. You pour all of them onto one cheese platter. just before he can start to talk about his experience with an internet model, you start to take one peanut at a time. You. Do. This. Slowly.

Very. Slowly.

You expect him to move, but he just sits there, bug-eyed. You Continue. Nearly an hour later, all of the cheese and nuts are gone. Guy hasn't moved. You lay back to relax. Eventually, you fall asleep. Forever

The lesson is- Never mess with a level 98 Paladin

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3 Miles Up...

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