Some Do Get Away With It

November 10, 2016
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      I just walked into the hotel I was staying at that night, and the guy that checked me in the previous night was acting strange. I walked past and he said,”My lady how was your night in the town.”
      I told him,”It was wonderful thanks for asking.”
Then I noticed that he was stepping out from behind the counter. He nervously walked over and said,”The maids were up in your room cleaning let me go check and see if they are almost done.”
I said,”Okay please tell me when they are done so I can get some rest.”
      The man happily walked over to the elevator and clicked the gold up arrow. The doors opened and he hopped in. The doors shut and started to rise. Then after him was another man with a big black bag, with a very odd shape, and he went up also. I thought he is just going to his room everything is fine. After about thirty minutes the elevator dinged and the door man stepped out. He came over to me and said,”Your room is ready for you ma’am.”
      I started walking toward the elevator and when I looked back. He had a very suspicious look on his face. Then when he looked up from his computer he grinned and then looked back down. When I opened my door to my room the fresh smell of sheets wafted into the hallway. Then the next morning I walked down to the little breakfast area and had a delicious breakfast. Today I had a meeting at eleven thirty and needed to hurry and get going. I went up stairs and finished getting ready. When I got down to the lobby the lights were dim and the crisp coldness came through the doors. The minute I walked out the hussel and bussel greeted me. The honking and sirens roamed the streets. When I approached the building my meeting was in, I felt like an ant. The building was so tall. I walked in and immediately people started saying,”Good morning, good morning.”
      The meeting was nice, and I had friends to meet at the zoo that day too, so I got in a taxi and raced to the zoo. Outside was my friend and her two kids happily greeted me. When I walked in the kids were running, the birds were squawking, and the train's horn was blowing. And when I looked over there was the door man standing by the lions. He turned and gave me a side eye and when he saw me he whipped his head back around. Then he hurried his kids out of sight. I pretended to not see him. Thoughts went through my head and I thought it was just a one in a million chance and it was not a big deal. When the day was over I took my friends back to the hotel with me. We went up the nice elevator and then made it to my room. When I opened the door my friends kid ran in and started jumping on the bed.
When the night was approaching we were getting hungry. So we went down to the desk to ask what would he recommend around here. The elevator dinged and we walked out. When we were coming closer to the desk the man quickly tried to change the monitor with the cameras on it. He did not realize that it did not change. I looked closer at the monitor and after looking at it for awhile I realized that was my room and he had been looking in my room this whole time. And then that explains that when he said that the maids were in there they were not. He was placing the cameras in my room. I asked and his face turned red and he said,”I have no idea these cameras were in your room, let me look into that.”
      Then I checked out of that hotel right then and did not ever come back. The first thing I did when I walked out of that hotel was look up the police department. Online it said it was three blocks north. I started walking and when I got there it looked like no one was there. I opened the door to the jingle of the bells on the door. Then the guy at the front desk said,”How may I help you.”
      I responded,”I was staying in a hotel three blocks south of here and the man at the front desk made a recording of me in my room.”
      The police officer started taking notes on what I was saying. After my long speech was over the policeman said,”Thanks for telling me I will start looking into that.”
      But did anyone know what he was going to do with that police report no. So as I walked out of there and I heard a sound of a shredder then I looked back and the page was gone. Then the police officer got up and walked off and I could not get around that door fast enough to say something.
      The next day it was time for me to go back home and investigate more on the crime. The time that I was in the air to the time I stepped foot in my house my mind was turning, thinking about what he was going to do with the tapes and if he would ever be in jail. I started to read a book to get my mind off of it but that did not help at all. Even though he did that does not mean that he will let anyone else look at it.
      That night my brain would not turn off and the constant wondering was really getting to me. Finally I decided that this was not going to go unseen and I had to take more action. That thought made me feel much better and then I finally fell asleep. The next day I was going to go back to that police department and tell someone else that would not shred my report.
      Again I walked through the door to the sound of the bells and thank goodness it was a different man. I sat down and told him the long story. Then when I was finally done I walked out. But that time I did not hear the shredder. Even though I did not hear the shredder I still had a funny feeling in my stomach. It was like I had no clue what was going on. And when I shut the door I had no clue what was going to happen next.

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