Lost in the Zoo

November 10, 2016
By KyleZ BRONZE, Saratoga , California
KyleZ BRONZE, Saratoga , California
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“Look! The gibbon are swinging around super fast!” I said, showing my family the black and white gibbons, a type of long armed tree dwelling monkey, that had just started swinging from the trees.  I turned around to grasp their attention but they weren’t there. “Where is everyone?” I thought, running around the exhibit looking for my cousins, Uncle Steve, and my mommy.  I started to panic. 
I wove through the large crowd running through the huge indoor exhibit franticly looking around for my  family.  I decided it wasn’t the best idea to wander around the zoo looking for my family so I decided to look for a security guard.  I found one monitoring a doorway to an indoor exhibit and told him that I was lost.  He brought me to a phone booth and let me to call my mom.  I dialed her number and anxiously waited for her to answer.   Just then, I remembered that my mom did not have cell coverage in Canada.  I started crying.   Thoughts swirled around my head about me never getting to see mommy again.  I went back in my thoughts and thought of where my parents had gone.  Only one location appeared in my head place I could think of was the Indo-Malaysian exhibit where I was showing my relatives where I showed my family the monkeys.
I quietly told the security guard that they could be at the Indo-Malaysian exhibit.  We quickly walked there but found nothing.  I was fascinated by the different animals that I had not seen yet.  In the first time in a while, I wasn’t thinking about me being lost.  I followed the security guard to an office and walked to a window.  He held up a speaker and said,”May the parents of Kyle Zhao please come up to the office next to the bird exhibit.”
I sat on a stool, swinging my feet and waited.  What felt like an hour probably was just a minute or two.  I saw someone walk up to the window and asked,”Is Kyle here?”
Now I was excited.  I hopped off my stool and jumped into my mom’s arms giving her a huge hug.  The security guard introduced himself to us.  His name was John and he had been working at the    zoo for 19 years.  My mom and uncle thanked him and we continued to have our marvelous visit of the zoo

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