The Wind is Picking Up, Fast!

November 9, 2016
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“Gooooo!!!! Home! Home!” shouted the parents, “You can do it! Ya!” The softball was being thrown into home plate with the runner, my sister about five feet away from the base. I watched as my sister dove, just barely reach home plate before the softball. Clapping, cheering, and smiles filled the whole park. “My sister just got a home run? Oh my god. She just got a home run!” I thought.
The cheering eventually died down, and the softball game continued. “Do you want your jacket?” asked my mom, as the wind started to pick up. “Sure,” I responded. I put my jacket on, until suddenly, I saw a leaf fly past my face. “Wow!” I thought, “The wind is really picking up.” Then, five more leaves flew past my face. I thought nothing of it until ten more leaves flew past. I started to worry as I asked my mom, “Will the game stop if the wind continues?” “Doubt it,” she responded, calmly.
Suddenly, I felt a drop of water land on my face. More rain began pouring down and the wind had become more aggressive, which forced some parents to go under cover. “Now the game is going to stop, right?” I asked. “Probably. Let’s go under the canopy,” said my mom, as we started to walk towards it. Then, in front of our eyes, the canopy started moving. It moved a good foot before anyone stopped it. “Get that end!” shouted one of the dads, as everyone started to huddle around the canopy legs, attempting to prevent the huge canopy from flying away. At first, I thought it was a tornado, until I realized that it was not just the wind that I had to worry about.
“What is that?”
“It hit me in the eye!”
“Oww.” said the parents one by one. The umpire then stated, “Game is over because of harsh weather conditions.” The players exited the field in a hurry and hid under the roof of the dugout, as all of the parents huddled under the canopy. “This is what you see in movies!” I thought with excitement, “I can brag about this when I get home. I can say that I lived through a tornado!” However, this was no tornado.
“Hail? It’s hailing!” yelled one of the players. “Uh-oh,” I thought, as a piece of hail fell from the sky and hit me in the shoulder. This hail hurt more than a million shots. This hail hurt more than being bitten by a million lions. I was in a hailstorm! Hail, the size of golfballs, 4 by 4 inches wide shot from the sky. “Let’s go to the car!” I yelled over the sound of the hail crashing into the ground. “Battle! Let’s Go! Game On! Gooooo!!!!!” I thought as my mom, my sister, and I rushed to the car. Globs of ice were smashing into the ground, making a million pieces scatter everywhere. I dodged one, then another. CRASH! A chunk of hail the size of a softball hit me on my forehead, dead center. I started to slow down. I just stood there. My view turned pitch black for a whole five seconds. I could feel my heart beating in my chest. Lubdub. Lubdub. Lubdub.
Since all I could see was a dark, brown sky and what seemed like bullets passing my face, I never realized that I was in the middle of the parking lot. Two bright lights then appeared out of nowhere, right in front of my face. The car was traveling at what had seemed liked 100 miles, straight at me. “Matthew!” yelled my mom as she saw that I had stopped, “Get out of the road!” The car’s horn was furiously going off as it tried to stop on the wet, slippery road. I started to shake and felt my hand start to sweat. The car was now a yard away. My legs became weak, with my breathing becoming heavier and heavier. “Oh my god,” I thought as I took a long, deep breath.
Suddenly, my mom pulled me out of the way of the car, only a foot away from needing to call  the ambulance. I was paralyzed, until I suddenly began to sprint towards my car, as if there was a bomb behind me. I opened the door, sat down in my seat, and all was fine. I was safe.

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