White Flash

November 18, 2016
By Ashley_A SILVER, San Pedro, California
Ashley_A SILVER, San Pedro, California
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A white light. All I saw was a white light, and in that moment I knew I was gone.

Just an hour before that I was getting ready to go visit my aunt that I haven’t seen in years. She lives in Florida so I already knew it was going to be a long flight. I had my earphones, neck pillow, and a book to keep me busy because I hate flying, mostly by myself. I already said goodbye to my mom and sister who came to drop me off at the airport. I wish they could of stayed with me until I took off but they can’t go past security. Flight 90210 was taking off and and my eyes were closed so tight. I had a nice old lady next to me who smelled like a garden. She looks like she was in her late 60’s with her gray hair and wrinkled skin. “Hello, you look a little young to fly alone. Where are you going?” the old women said. “Oh I am visiting my aunt for her birthday, what about you?”  “Oh well I am going to..” She got cut off by turbulence that was very rough. It woke some people up and scared some children but then the attendant went on the intercom, “Hello ladies and gentlemen, the turbulence is very rough right now but I don't want anyone to worry, everything is fine and it will go away soon, Thank you.” You can tell that was a lie though, both attendants looked very scared and the shaking wouldn’t stop. I tried not to think about it and continued to talk to the old lady. She said that she was going to Florida to visit her sister. She decided to move to California when she was 27 because she wanted to become an actress. She was actually in a couple movies then got into stage production. It was really nice talking to her, but then all of a sudden it started to get really bumpy again. The lights started to flash a bit and the plane was very shaky. In the next moment it felt like we were going down. I didn’t want to look outside the window, I didn’t want to believe it. But I opened my eyes and saw, saw the clouds going up and the ground getting closer. The attendant went on the intercom and started saying something about safety and not to panic but nobody was listening to her. Everyone was about to die and there was crying and screaming. I turned my music all the way up because I didn't want to listen. I was thinking to myself, I am about to die. I wasn’t ready to die. I’m only 18 about to go to college and start my life. The old lady next to me was crying looking so scared. I put out my hand and she grabbed it, as we were going down we held hands, not even knowing each other's names. I closed my eyes again, thinking about my mom, my family, and friends. My whole life was just replaying in my mind. Then I felt it, A huge pressure and then the white light. When I saw the white light I knew I was gone from the earth.

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