The Cask of Amontillado (the insult)

November 15, 2016
By Squxdney BRONZE, Asheville, North Carolina
Squxdney BRONZE, Asheville, North Carolina
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One late afternoon Montresor invites his old buddy Fortunato over for dinner. They were having a lovely time. Both were laughing and eating.
“The food was delicious!” Fortunato said with excitement.
“Why, thank you Fortunato, do you think it’s time we get the wine out?” 
“Yes, of course. You always have the finest wine.”
A moment later Montresor is headed back with the wine in his hand. He hands it over and Fortunato is absolutely excited when he reads the label.
“Amontillado! The best wine of all.”
“Splendid that you like it.”
“Yes indeed. Who can’t enjoy a glass of delicious amontillado?”
“Not a soul, I believe so.”
“Indeed, not a soul.” Montresor said with a grin.
Fortunato opened the bottle and poured two glasses.
They keep talking while sipping on the glasses. When the bottle is finished Fortunato asks Montresor for another one and another until he is finally slipping and falling all over Montresor’s house. After the third bottle of amontillado Fortunato asks for Montresor to get another one.
“Montresor, another one, if I may?”
“Haven’t you had enough, dear Fortunato?”
“No, not at all.”
Montresor heads back for another bottle of wine for Fortunato.
“Here you are, Fortunato.”
“Indeed, thank you Montresor.”
“Why don’t you tell me a story Fortunato?”
“How about the story of how I came to hate you?”
“Whatever do you mean Fortunato?”
“I know what you did to her. You’re the reason she’s dead. She was my love, the one I would die for, kill for. I’m going to kill you, Montresor.”
“So you know, but you’re too intoxicated to walk to the kitchen and grab a knife.”
“I indeed know that but I won’t try at this moment. I just want you to know even if it is a disadvantage for me.”
“What if I get you first?”
“Then I will die trying to defend my love, Annabel.”
“You know you won’t remember this in the morning?”
“Of course I will.”
“I think it’s time for you to go to bed then, Fortunato.”
Montresor then punches Fortunato that ends up knocking Fortunato out. He then picks Fortunato up and lays him on the couch then covers him with a blanket. Once he cleans up Montresor goes to his room and waits until morning without going to sleep. When he notices the sun coming up. He goes to the kitchen and makes breakfast. When he’s done he hears that Fortunato is now getting up so Montresor pours a glass of water and heads for the living room where Fortunato slept.
“How are you, Fortunato?” Montresor asks when he walks in.
“I feel horrid.”
“Well you drank around four bottles of wine and you can’t hold your liquor very well.”
“And we both know it, don’t we Montresor?” Laughed Fortunato.
“Yes we do.”
“I don’t remember what happened last night, can you fill me in.”
“Oh nothing special, we just talked about old memories.” Montresor grinned.
“I’m sure I had a great time then.”
“Yes, indeed. Would you like some breakfast?”
“No thank you, I think I should be getting home Montresor. Thank you for a lovely evening.”
“Please let me show you to the door, Fortunato.”
“Yes, thank you.”
Fortunato then heads out with no memory of giving his plan away. When Fortunato is gone Montresor heads back to the kitchen ready to eat. He sits down, picks up his fork and knife then pauses. He looks back at the door. Laughing he’s hysterical, amused even.

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