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November 14, 2016
By TOMBOMB BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
TOMBOMB BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
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One year for Christmas, I got a harmonica. At first, I did not care for it but I started to find the sound pleasing. One day, I got my harmonica and gave it a blow. It sounded rusty and flat. I thought it might need to be cleaned. You clean a harmonica, you have to let it soak in a sink for a little while. I went to my sink in the basement and plugged the drain and started the water. I put my harmonica in and then went to watch a movie.  After the movie was over my mom said,  “It’s time to go to church.”After church, I went out to get gelato with my friends.  After some very tasty Italian ice cream, I was drove home. When I pulled into my driveway I sensed something was amiss.

I slowly entered the front door and waiting for me was my mom.  Immediately I was given the look, which is the look moms have when you're in trouble.  Then she spoke, “You're in big trouble mister...” So apparently I had never turned off the sink and accidentally waterboarded my harmonica!  Also I flooded the basement. We had to get all of our carpet replaced and much more. I was not punished fortunately, but I felt terrible that my parents had to pay all that money because Iwas being stupid.  What I learned from  this experience is that you need to pay attention to your tasks so things like this don't happen.

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what you can lern from your mistaks 

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