March 5, 2009
Crash, Boom, AAAAHHHH. Whoosh, the parachute shot out of the pack and I jerked up as my high speed fall slowed dramatically. I looked up and saw the plane still soaring in the sky with flames coming out of its engine and smoke trailing behind it. Other green parachutes spouted out of the bright blue afternoon sky. I and one other person were headed toward an island. I couldn't tell who the person was, but I hoped it was Mark, Austin or Colin as they would be a great help with there strength.

Finally, I landed and after I wrestled the parachute of me I went looking for the other person who landed to the right of me. Then I heard something crashing through the bushes. Not knowing what or who it was, I dove into the underbrush and waited. Then a person stepped out from the trees, but it wasn't Mark, Austin or Colin. It was Abby Peterson!

Oh, boy I thought, we did not get along well at church or anywhere else now that you mention it. O well, might as well make the best of it. So I stood up and stepped out from hiding. Hey Abby. Then she did what any girl does when she's scared, she screamed. But then she saw it was me and stopped, then she did the thing that I least expected, she fainted.

Oh crap. I rushed over to her, grabbed a humongous leaf and started waving it in her face. When she finally came around she stared up at me and said, 'Why did it have to be you?'

'Hey, at least it's not Wyatt. Anyway, how ya feel' in ,' I said.

' All right. So what are we going to do now,' she asked.

'Well, lets see if we're close enough to any other islands for starters'

So we set off through the trees, not in any particular direction. When we finally walked out of the tree line we saw we had no hope of swimming to another island. They were few and far between, popping out of the sparkling blue Atlantic Ocean. Beautiful coral with all different kinds of creatures also stood out. But it would have looked better if we could have gotten of this accursed island.

Disappointed, we trekked back through the woods in silence, thinking. Me I was thinking how the heck we were going to get along. She never liked me in the past. Whenever we had to work together she made a point of expressing that she did not like me. This missionary trip sure is turning interesting. But my thinking came to an end, because when one walks staring off into the distance in the middle a wood, one walks into a tree. 'Ouch!' I yelped.

An instance later right next to me 'Oowww !' then we both started to laugh, it was hilarious.

Sadly, that happiness came to an end with a RROOAARRRR. ' Time to go,' I said.

'Yep,' she agreed. So we blew that joint at a run. We had been running for maybe five minutes, when a huge gorilla jumped right in front of us, and it thumped its chest. Now me, I'm not one to let someone else take the blows, so I jumped in front of Abby saying, 'If you want her, you'll have to get through me.' Aren't I the hero? Wait a minute, sanity check here; I'm talking to a GORILLA, not a human.

When the gorilla leaped at us it snapped me out of and I did about the craziest thing I've ever done in my life, I leaped at the gorilla with a snarl on my face. SLAM, freight train coming through, that knocked the wind out of me and on the ground, but I was up in a flash. I rushed at the gorilla and hit him right hook at its face, but that was all I got. One of its bolder sized fists barreled into my gut and launched me several feet and sliding. I was not going to get back up as the gorilla was right above me.

It raised its fist and memories flashed before my eyes of all the fun and happy times but also of grandpa, I was finally going to see him again. I also felt sad I was never going to see home again, or my friends. As I thought though I'm finally going to go to my true home heaven, to my true father God. Then I thought about Abby how she was going to be here all alone. 'I'm sorry to leave you here all alone Abby where ever you are but
I'm finally going home' The fist came down and I closed my eyes, waiting for the pain, but it didn't come. I sat up and looked around, no one, no gorilla, but also no Abby. ' Abby, you can come out now,' I shouted. Silence. ' Abby , Abby where are you?'

She was gone, just disappeared and I didn't know where. But then I thought about that gorilla or was it just a figure of my imagination. But then I felt that searing pain in my gut. Nope, that was a real gorilla, I thought. Man, he hit me harder than I thought. I wonder why he just disappeared.

I started to search the area that I last saw Abbie in hope that I could find some sort of trail to where she was. When I had searched everywhere I could think of I slumped up against a nearby tree without a hope of finding her when something caught my eye, it was piece of pink cloth on a bush. I looked closer at it and then realized it matched Abbie's shirt! And then I found some crushed underbrush that led of the the torn cloth. Yes! Now we have something here, I thought.

So I set off in the direction of the crushed bushes with a new strength. After I had been following the trail for about an hour I started to realize how hungry I was. I haven't eaten since just before the plane crash yesterday, I thought. Luckily there was a banana tree right in the path, so know I wouldn't have to search for the trail again. After I had eaten until my stomach was bursting I started to doze off.
When I woke up the sun was just starting to rise! Holy smokes, I had better start off. So I set off again following the trail. After about an hour of steady jogging I found myself in front of a giant cave. I sighed, where's a flashlight when you need one. But I had to go in so I started walking and surprisingly I could still see even though there wasn't any light. Okay, this is kinda weird.

As I kept going deeper into the cave it kept slanting down. Then it hit me. I'm going underground! Now I was scared but I kept going. Finally, I stopped going down but by then I had to be at least a mile underground.

My heart was pounding as I kept going deeper and deeper into the tunnel. Finally, I arrived at a large cave. As I stepped in a new feeling awoke in me, pure undignified fear. The cave floor was as cold as arctic ice. The smell was the smell of death. Then there was the piles and piles of bones. For one horrible moment I thought that some of those bones might be Abbie's.

But then again, I don't know that, she might be behind some of those piles, I thought. So I started to search, search with the hope that she was not dead. Then right in the middle of the cave there she was. I was so happy that I forgot my fear and started toward her, but then I saw what she looked like. She was shivering , starring at the ceiling and I started praying she was alright.

And her eyes where that of pure and unimaginable fear. Then behind me I heard a thump. Slowly I turned around and screamed. It was the gorilla but it did not look like one. It was an abomination of things that are indescribable. But all I can say is this, it was the sight of pure fear.

It felt like an eternity that I was starring up at the seven foot tall being. All for all that eternity it was starring down at me with a I-am-a-hunter-you-are-my-prey look in its eye [ Oh, forgot it only had one eye]. But then it brought me back from the eternity with a ROOOAAARR. I jumped back and ran for Abbie and as I ran toward her I noticed that there was another tunnel behind her. Hope that doesn't lead to a dead end, I thought.

Then I scooped her up and started to run, run, run. ' You Okay?' I asked Abbie. She just nodded. I never looked back for fear that I would see that thing and fall or something. Finally, we started to head upward. Guess it wasn't a dead end. And then, bursting out into the glorious sunlight and seeing all the trees and blue sea, but that freak was still behind me.

So I kept running until I just couldn't take it any more. I collapsed and panted, ' I .... can't go... on ..... so go.... without me.'

' No. we can't get away from it,' she trembled.

' What?'

' It will never stop hunting us, it never tires and it never forgets who is its prey are.'

' How do you know all of this?' I asked.

'You don't want to know.'

'Well, we have to try and get away.'

I struggled to my feet, as did Abbie and we started to walk. Then I heard a whish and then a scream. The thing had swung by on one of the vines and took Abbie! ' No!' I yelled and started to run after them. The gorilla stopped at a cliff and when I arrived I was very sorry I did. The gorilla held Abbie over his head, roared triumphantly and threw her over the cliff! 'Nooooooooo!'

I fell to my knee's crying because of the horrible thing I had just witnessed. Abbie was gone, she just disappeared and she was not coming back.

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