When The Time Came

March 5, 2009
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'Ready for take-off. Please remain in your seats until turbulence is set. Thank you.' That was the pilot. I can't believe M19 got me to do this, but at least they scored me first-class seats. Yeah, first-class seats to he**!!!
Japan is vicious and ruthless. They will stop at nothing to win. They have extremely advanced technology, nuclear weapons, and a highly trained, strong army.
It's pretty quiet on the plane, besides my friend, Zach, who is sleeping, and snoring. LOUD! But my mind started to wander, to drift, to think. I hate thinking. When I think, I think of things I have to do, or things I've already done, things I regret''..
How long have I been asleep? I guess I dozed off '
'We are preparing for landing! Please find your seat and stay there until told to get up!'
I have to go and wake Zach up. We have a long trip ahead of us.
After spending six hours on the bus with Zach, I could ring his neck. He's the nicest guy you could meet, but sometimes too friendly. Zach is 14, he's about 5'6', and loves baseball. He played for his school team, before M19 pulled him out, like they did to me. He has been an M19 agent for a few months.
I guess I'll tell you a little bit more about me. I'm 5'9', 16 years old, and have been an M19 agent for 1 and a half years. Both my dad and uncle were M19 agents, but both were assassinated.
Anyway, were in Japan to get information on the war, and send it back to M19 HQ. We will be staying in a hotel in Yokohama, just south of Tokyo.
'Your room, sir. You have free room service, and a continental breakfast tomorrow', explained the bellhop, holding my room key, as he showed us the room. It was fabulous. It looked like a five-star hotel! It had two beds, a small kitchen, and a nice bathroom.
We got settled in, and I left to get some food from the market. It was just around the corner. The market was bustling with excitement and shoppers. While I was at the fish stand, out of the corner of my eye, I saw some thugs with food. I turned to see them, but they were off running, a worker was in pursuit. I decided to help, so I followed. The worker stopped, but I was determined to catch up. There was something suspicious about them.
They went through dark alleys, across deserted roads, and over railroad tracks, I was still trailing them. They apparently got to there destination. It looked like crap. The city was obviously poor. I guess its time to call Mrs. Jones.
'Hello?' I asked, trying to reach Mrs. Fisher, the assistant to Mr. Emery.
'Hello! This is the Smith & Royal bank. How can I help you?'
It was Mrs. Jones.
'Drop the act, Mrs. Jones. It's Brett.
'Oh, sorry. Did you get any info?'Questioned Mrs. Fisher, hoping that I had some.
'Not yet. I did see a gang around here. They stole some food.' I reported.
'Well, try to find out some more stuff, ok?'
Today, we will go to the East side of Yokohama. I followed the path I traveled yesterday. We got to the city, but then we were knocked out from behind. The last thing I can hear was, 'Bring them to Osaka, where we can deal with them!'
'Get up, you stupid Brits!!! Do I have to kill you?' a loud, Japanese voice boomed, 'Get in the car, were leaving to decide your punishment.' It looks like we're going to the other side of the city.
All I could see were people and some had signs, some weapons, even torches. It was an enormous mob. They were along the street, a single narrow path. It was literally my gateway to he**. There were guards all around me, but not to protect me. They only need to keep me alive to torture. I was getting to the only nice building in the war-torn city. I was apparently supposed to be tortured there, the usual punishment for an enemy spy. I think they took Zach in first, I am still to follow.
'What do you know about us?' the man questioned, angrily. I didn't answer. That got me a smack with the whip.
'Answer me, fool. Do you want more of this whip? If you don't want the whip, we have other means of making you talk. The electric chair or we could kill your friend.' He directed his attention and voice to his assistants. 'Bring him out!'
The guards disappeared for a moment, and then returned.
'He's gone sir.' one of the guards informed the man.
'Dam**t!' the man sore, the yelling at the guards in Japanese. 'Go inform the head of security that a prisoner escaped. Then Go to the ma-
His sentence was cut short. Presumably by the MAC-10 bullets in his back. All the other guards had been shot, too.
'Hey. You lucky I got away?'
'Just shut up and get me out of here Zach.' Man am I lucky he's here. He still had his IDST, a gadget Adam built. It stands for International Distress Signal Transmitter.

Zach managed to get another MAC-10, and gave it to me. We stormed out of the room, both keeping watchful eyes. I saw a few guards ahead, and I fired in their direction. They got hit. We stumbled across a tank, a B57 Tiger, that was unattended and it was running. I never driven a tank before, but it's worth a try. Zach will be the gunner.
The hum of the engine was quite loud. It seemed to rattle everything around it. If we went toward the West wall, then the guards would surely notice us. But Zach and I are heading toward the east wall, where there is less activity.
'FIRE!!!!!!' I yelled, trying to shout over the sound of the tank. Zach must have heard me, because I could feel the recoil of the rockets hitting the large wall in front of us. I could see the wall deteriorating, as the rockets pummeled it. The tank rumbled as it passed over the wreckage. We were out, and Zack activated his IDST, and M19 were on their way here from Kobe, a city that is just West of Osaka.
Only minutes passed while we were waiting in the tank, when an M19 chopper passed overhead. We got out, and tried to get their attention. They slowly made their decent toward the Japanese turf. While still hovering about 10 feet above the ground, we jumped in. The pilot made off toward England.

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