The Snowstorm was Mine

March 5, 2009
By deeeee BRONZE, Floral Park, New York
deeeee BRONZE, Floral Park, New York
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I sat on the bed in my room. No one else was home. I was alone. I looked out of the glass windows of the French doors. I could see the area around the side of my house. I could see passed that into the street where the orange streetlight dimly lit the dead end street. I could see the train tracks that ran right along the back of my house. It was early morning, probably around 2 or 3 o'clock. The trains barely passed, and when they did, mostly all the seats were empty.

It had begun to snow about an hour ago. A thin blanket of white finally filled out. The grass that used to be around the side of my yard disappeared. The snow landed on the small evergreens that surrounded my house like guards. They no longer looked strong and majestic, but more vulnerable with the snow weighing down their branches. The ground was white. The snow had finally stuck to the cement in the dead end street, and made it unidentified. Each time a train passed my backyard on the tracks, large clouds of white snow blew from the ground and glittered as it settled back down.

The sky was black. The air surrounding my house was black. As the tiny snowflakes fell from the sky, they created a glittering blackness all around, until they landed on the ground, then adding to the white blanket. The snowflakes, the glittering blackness, were calling me. I could see my name spelt out in the glitter. I may have been alone inside my house, but that snowstorm was just for me, and that make me feel not so alone.

I got up from my bed where I had been sitting up, staring out of the French doors in awe. I picked up an envelope from the night table, and walked towards the doors. As I pulled the door open, a gust of wind blew violently, causing an avalanche of dusty snow to blow off the roof and join the rest of the snowflakes in the glittering blackness. I sat down on the balcony outside of my room, on the second story, and looked out. I looked out into the glittering blackness. I could feel it surrounding me, and taking me in. I may have been alone, but this snowstorm was mine. I opened the envelope that I had been holding in my hands. I carefully unfolded the piece of paper, and looked down at the few smalls line of text printed on it.

To -------,

I miss you.

With love,

I carefully folded it back up, using the creases as my guide. I placed it neatly back into the envelope, and placed it down on the snow that had landed on the balcony. I looked out into the glittering darkness. I may have been alone, but this snowstorm was mine.

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