Better Than a Dream

November 1, 2016
By Anonymous

     “Beep! Beep! Beep!” goes the alarm on my iPhone 28. My eyes open, and I jolt up. I instinctively grab my phone from my bedside table, check the time, see it is 6  o'clock in the morning, and hit the snooze button. “Ten more minutes” I think to myself, as I try to re enter the wonderful dream I had just been enjoying but now cannot remember. “Beep! Beep! Beep!” goes my alarm once again. It’s time to get up, so I reluctantly roll over and fall out of bed. I get dressed, walk through my New York City apartment, and set about making pancakes, which are, in my opinion, the best way to start the day. I devour the pancakes then race out the door, onto the elevator, and into the residents’ parking lot. I slide into my car, my hands grasping the leather wheel, and I am off to work. I am ready to take on the day, and am looking forward to whatever the day has in store.
     I arrive at a tall, marble, building with an enormous, golden Roc Nation Agencies sitting atop it, and I then enter my office where I’m greeted by a 6’8” behemoth of a man. This man, LeBron James Jr., is my client, and I am his agent. I know, a professional sport agent, what a job, right? Though this profession has become the norm for me, I can guarantee you that it will never get old. We sit down to discuss his contract options and throughout the day more and more professional athletes, from basketball players to football players, come in and out of my office. Afterwards, I get into a somewhat heated argument over the phone with the Miami Heat front office over the contract of my client, Jayden Price, but I pull through for my client and get him the 3 year $70 million deal. It’s a big win for both of us, and before I know it, the work day has come to a close. It’s been a long day of negotiating, but the people I work with and the knowledge that I’ve done my job well are incredibly rewarding.
     I leave work, get back into my car, and I’m off to to meet my friends at the best place in the world. I arrive at the gym, change, and walk onto the basketball court where I find my friends. After choosing teams, we begin playing five versus five. For me, basketball has always been an effective stress reliever, and it’s all I’ve ever needed to get me through the day. I feel like I could do this every second for the rest of my life, as I am at my happiest when playing basketball. Up and down the court we go, slashing, passing, shooting, shoving, and everything inbetween. Jahar grabs the rebound, outlets it to me at half court, and I pass it up to Caleb for an alley-oop. He dunks the ball so furiously the rim is shaking for the next three possessions.  We go back and forth arguing about the score before we finally come to the consensus that next point wins. It is our ball with nothing but pride on the line. I inbound the ball to Hunter, who swings it to Tashmere, who swings it back to me, who then swings the ball to Jahar. Jahar steps into the shot right above the three point line, releases the ball, holds his follow through, and the ball slides through the net cleanly. The opposing team shouts an expletive in unison. With the game over, I shower, change, say goodbye to my friends, and slide back into the driver’s seat of my car.
     “Honk! Honk! Honk!”. The noise pollution here on West 31st street has soared with the New York Knicks newfound success to blame. The Knicks, my favorite sports team, have made it to the eastern conference finals for the first time since 1999. With a win tonight, the Knicks would return to the finals putting themselves in a position to the win an NBA Championship for the first time since 1973. Clearly it has been a rough past few decades for Knick fans. Finally, I arrive at my reserved parking spot, enter the arena, and take my courtside seats courtesy of a client of mine, Reggie Jordan, who starts for the Knicks. The excitement and anticipation that fills my body can only be compared to that of a kid on Christmas Eve. The game begins, and the Knicks and Cavaliers go back and forth throughout the game. With ten seconds left, Steve Parker of the Cavaliers drains a three, giving the Cavaliers a one point lead. With no timeouts, the Knicks quickly inbound the ball and push the floor. Reggie Jordan passes to Deanthony Irving who fires up a corner three pointer. Time slows to a crawl as the ball glides through the air for what seems like hours. It hits the side of the rim and bounces off. My heart drops as I fall back into my seat. “Game over. Our title dreams are shattered” I think. Out of nowhere, Knicks veteran and superstar Kristaps Porzingis flies over the Cavaliers defenders and finishes a putback dunk at the buzzer. The Madison Square Garden is immediately filled with triumphant cries of joy. At this point, I’m so elated that I’m prepared to cry, but instead I let out a scream and embrace the stranger next to me. I then fall back into my seat, relishing the moment. Eventually, fans begin to exit the stadium and so do I. I reach my car and begin driving home. This win is the perfect ending to the perfect day. My life could not be better, and I could not be happier.

The author's comments:

My English teacher assigned a creative writing project, so I decided to write about my aspirations for the future by describing a day in my dream future.

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