The Boy

October 31, 2016
By Anonymous

 There was one a boy who lived down the block with his mom and grandpa in a big two story house. His grandpa was the owner of some apparment and tax companies.The boy didn't now his dad because he had gone to jail for gang affiliation when the boys was just a baby.The boy had a half sister that lived with her dad.Sometimes the sister would come to visit her mom,grandpa,and her brother.The boy loved to play with other kids down the block were he lived.Behind the boys house their was a dope house.The mom started goign out with one of the drug dealers that lived in that house.Dayes passed and the boy started notesing that the mom would go out alot at night.The boy dident get alot of attention from her mom.The mom starded using drugs and started to scream,get mad,and starded hitting the boy.The boy would run outside disappointed crying he dident like seing his mom like that.So one day the by started hanging out with sime bad kids that lived on the next street.The kids showed the boy how to smoke,drink,and use drugs. The mom got in a fight with the boys grandpa and got kicked out of the house the mom got all her stuff and the boys to and whent to live in her car.The mom would drop of her son the boy with a coupple of friends so the mom could go with her boyfriend looking for drugs.The boy would get all depress and start using drugs.The mom wouldent go pick him up like the next days.Untill one day the boys friends gave him acouple drug pills to take  they told him it was the new thing other kids are doing .The boy took them he got all druged out and passed out in the sidewalk.The other kids saw the boy take some steps and then drop on the floor and they all panic and ran leavin the boy on the ground.The boy was laying down on the side walk like for hours .A cop seen the boy and went towards him and woke him up and took him in to the police deparment and took him to juvenial detention.The boy did like one month in juvi for being intoxicaded .One he had done his time the cops would have to take him to child serveses.Where he was keeped their and not give him to the mom for not taking care of him.No one has heard nothing from the boy sense them. The mom dosent really care she is still doing ther thing like usually being a dopey. 

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