I See Stars

November 5, 2016
By BethWrite53052005 SILVER, Paisley, Other
BethWrite53052005 SILVER, Paisley, Other
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I see stars.

The bottom of the stairs are spinning around me. The door that leads to the living room has become twenty, the ceiling is becoming the floor and all I can remember is a fight and a push, then dizzy. I think my best friend pushed me down the stairs. My brand new iPhone lies on the ground beside me in a million pieces. I want to get up but my legs aren't moving and my arms are numb. I am a crumpled heap on the vinyl floor and i feel pathetic. I need to woman up but i just can't and I am pathetic. I see stars. And planets. And my friend standing over me, looking amused, confused and angry all at once.

"What." I blandly say. I don't sound like me, I sound weird.

"Except for the fact that I thought that I accidentally killed you, nothing." She replied Sarcastically. She was mocking me.

I kicked out and struck her left shin.

"Stop mocking me." I sound pathetic. Why am I so pathetic?

I still see stars.

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