A day in her shoes

November 4, 2016
By christberling BRONZE, NYACK, New York
christberling BRONZE, NYACK, New York
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I could hear the music from the end of her driveway. I walked up the hill to her house. I could see Julia through the window, she opened the door for me.
“Hi, how are you?” I asked nervously.
“I’m feeling great!” Julia replied fighting to get the slurred words out of her mouth.
I walked into her house through the living room and into the kitchen. Her house was wrecked, there were beer cans everywhere and water dripping from the ceiling on to her kitchen floor. We pushed through the people and gathered in her dining room. Julia pulled me into a group of girls dancing, she grabs my hands and began to dance with me. There were so many people there I started to feel dizzy so I stepped outside to get some air, the fresh air felt good. I hear some boys approaching Julia’s house. To my surprise it was the one person I wanted to see the least, Joe. I quickly ran inside and began searching for Julia. I finally found her sitting at the dining room table taking shots.
I whispered to her, “Joe is here, what do I do?” you could hear the fear in my voice.
My eyes began to get glassy from the tears forming in them, Julia grabbed my arm and pulled me into her bathroom. She sat me down on the floor and gave me advice to try to calm me down. I couldn’t stop shaking, at this point it was involuntary. After around 30 minutes or so of Julia babbling, she fell asleep in her bathtub. I kissed her on the forehead and quietly snuck out of the bathroom, I grabbed my bag on the table and headed straight for the door, avoiding Joe at all costs. I started running down the stairs when I heard, 
“ Look at the n***** run,” followed by a group of people laughing. I turn around only to see Joe and his group of friends staring and laughing at me. I run down the hill until the laughter is drowned out by the crickets, I began my walk home with tears streaming down my face.

I sit behind him in Chem, he’s always making some racist remarks towards me. I try as hard as I can to ignore the hurtful words coming out of his stupid mouth and focus on my work but he is persistent. The other day my teacher, Mr. Green, asked me to write the atomic formula for Sulfur Oxide on the board. When I returned to my seat I see my notes that I had just taken ripped with writing on it, I looked closer at the writing and written sloppily in blue ink read “You stupid n*****”. I knew Joe had written this, he turned around and I scolded him, he chuckled softly.

Julia told me to bring my notes to a teacher and explain how Joe has been harassing me but I was too scared. The following day, Joe had been absent. I thought to myself this is the day, I'm not scared, I can do it. The bell rings I start packing up my notes. I wait till everybody exits the classroom and then I go up to Mr. Green.
“How can I help you Ama?” He asked.
“I-I-I need to tell you something” I said.
“What is it, is there something wrong?” He asked, in a concerned professional voice.
“It’s nothing, nevermind.” I said, and scurried away.
I ran into the girl's bathroom and immediately started sobbing. I heard a soft kind voice vaguely from the doorway of the bathroom saying something. I heard it again, I try to make out what she is saying. I quiet down, my sobs turn into gentle weeps and occasional gasps for air.
“Are you okay?” The voice asked.
I didn’t reply. I heard footsteps approaching me, and then a knock following it.
Again in the same voice I heard, “Hello? are you okay?”
I open the door, it was a teacher but I didn't recognize her face. 
“Hi sweetie, what's your name?” She asked.
“My name?... uhhh… it’s umm uhh Ama.” I said, timidly.
“That’s a beautiful name. I’m Ms. Hazel. Now, tell me why a beautiful girl like you is crying in the girls bathroom?” her voice calms me, my sobbing comes to a gradual end.
I tell her how this boy has been harassing me in and outside of school because I am colored, I asked her not to tell anybody. She said to stay away from him and if it got any worse or if I am ever in any danger to contact her right away. I thank her, give her a hug and go to my next period class.

I collect my books and head to my locker. I drop off my Geometry and Spanish binder and grab my coat. I head to the front of the school and began my voyage home. It's not too cold out yet so I took advantage of the nice weather and walked home. I was a about half way home when I felt someone tap my shoulder. I turn around, it was Joe. He began to yell at me calling me nasty words and telling me I’m a worthless snitch. I tried my best to hold back my tears but I couldn’t. Joe began to laugh. Then he pushed me to the ground and spit on me.
He screamed, “You good for nothing coon, don’t ever mess with me again!”
And then finally ran away. I wiped his saliva off with the sleeve of my t-shirt and ran the rest of the way home.

During lunch I searched for Ms. Hazel. I finally find her in room 304. I knocked on the door and she gestured to come in. I angrily storm up to her.
“Did you tell Joe about our conversation the other day?” I said, obviously agitated. 
“No, I would never,” she said, in a stern voice.
“Why did something happen?”
“Yes, J-J-Joe attacked me w-wh-while I... was walking h-home yesterday.” I said, stuttering my words.
My voice was shaking. Ms. Hazel wrapped her long lanky arms around me and began to rub my back.
“We are going to put an end to this Joe boy Ama, don’t you worry,” she said, staring straight into my eyes.
We walked to the principal's office and I told them everything that happened between Joe and I.
“I’m so sorry this happened to you Ama, we are going to take care of this right away. Don’t worry we will make sure Joe can not do anything to harm you again Ama,” said Mr. Kresge, my principal. I walk out of Mr. Kresge´s office into the main hallway and out of the school. It was colder today but the colors outside distracted me from it. The sky seemed bluer and the trees seemed greener. I was nearing the back alley behind my house. I heard a loud noise and I felt a shooting pain in my stomach. I looked down and there was blood covering my clothes. I fell to the ground, trying to call for help but the blood gurgling in my throat prevented me from doing so. I looked up and the last thing I saw was Joe looking down at me with a smirk on my face and then black.

The author's comments:

If you recognize any of this behavior with people around you inform an adult. Bullying is serious and can lead to serious things.

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