Childhood Memories

November 4, 2016
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When you are looking back at your childhood, you often remember a few key points that really stick out. I know that I vaguely remember most things that happened in my childhood, but their are definitely things that I remember like it happened just yesterday. I’m going to tell you about one of those times.
A while back, maybe six or seven years ago, I had a sleepover at my friends house. At the age of 7, I always went to sleepovers with my closest friends. That night I slept over at my best friends house, and I always went there so it felt like a second home. We played with barbies, ran around outside, and did what every other normal third grader did. We had a really fun time and all, but I, a little seven year old , just wanted to go home in the morning and be with my mommy. I also really wanted to go home because I babysat my little three-year-old cousin some mornings, including that morning. I got myself all excited because I loved playing with babies and it made me feel like a grownup, older and more mature. I bragged to my friend about how happy and excited I felt to go home and see my little baby cousin, a sweet and innocent little boy.
Suddenly my friends mom, who I saw as  family, busted through the door, teary eyed and body trembling. That’s the moment I knew that something happened. She came and sat next to me and I became more and more worried by the second. She spoke out the words, “I need to take you home now to your family hunny, I’m so sorry.”
I packed up my bag from the night and said bye to my friend who stayed at her house with her dad. Her mom drove me home and I walked in the door, hands shaking, knees wobbly, and I saw all of my family in the living room, their eyes filled to the brim and their cheeks tear-stained. I ran over to them and asked them why they were all crying.  My mom sat me down on her lap, looked at me, and softly spoke, “Hunny, this morning Grandpa left Earth and is no up in Heaven with God.”
  I couldn’t believe it. Well, atleast I didn’t want to. I saw my Grandpa as a bestfriend. We always did everything together. He would take me to Gator games, he would take me shopping for toys, we would always cook chocolate-chip pancakes together, and just like that I heard that he had left this Earth forever, never returning.
Just imagine, a little third grader, excited to go home and play with her little cousin, instead came home to the worst news of her life. I can still picture the day in my head and every little thing that happened, even though it was seven to eight years ago. That day happens to be the part of my childhood that I remember like it was just happening yesterday.

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