The Unavoidable Path

November 4, 2016
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She was lost in her own thoughts, the constant spinning in her head seemed to never cease; the tension and stress kept accumulating into a never ending state of panic. The girl was alone. Family and love was a far fetched idea- she grew accustomed to the thought of having no one, but for some reason she was okay with it. Or maybe she had just gotten to a point of acceptance with the fact that the world has always been her own, and for many reasons it was never a world that had to be shared with anyone else. Her life was a constant cycle of successes and frustrations. But today, today was different. She no longer felt like she had a grip on her life anymore. Emotions were rumbling through her like a riptide as she desperately tried to make sense of them. Not one thing could solidify why she was feeling this way, but the one thing that was for certain was that something in her life needed to change in order for her to truly enjoy the life she was living.
  The day was almost coming to an end, so the girl figured she would start off simple, and go for a walk. The woods in the back of her yard were constantly luring her in for a stroll, but she never had the chance to venture through them- today was that day. Slow strides moved her through the elongated trails, allowing her to breath in the fresh crisp air, eliminated the tremulous thoughts that maintained in her head. The farther she went, the more incredulous scenery she discovered. Fields showed their face, leading into wide spread meadows. These plentiful meadows became a peaceful melody, with dandelions swaying through the luscious grass with their vibrant yellow. Old rusty fences enclosed them, creating mazes and different paths to graze through. Mountains peaked in the distance with their gently snow-touched tip, and everything seemed to compliment each other as if it was previously planned where they each would go. The girl had no words. It was as if this undiscovered piece of land became an epiphany, riding her of her distressed state. Something inside her changed. She was enlightened by the beauties of the world…

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