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November 4, 2016
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High school is a time where people spend the last four years of school if they choose to not go to college. In high school people find themselves and find out who their real friends really are. For some people high school is the best part of life and for other it's the worst. For April it started off great,but had a turn for the worst. On April’s first day of freshman year she had so much confidence maybe to much. She was a very pretty girl with long blonde hair,really nice teeth,good legs, and knew how to dress to impress. April walked the halls like if she had been there for four years. She caught a lot of guys attention and for a fifteen year old girl that's was what she always wanted. She was standing by her locker when a senior named Brett came up to her. She froze as if time had stopped. Brett said “hi” and asked her how her day was going. April responded saying “hey um it's been good.” Brett started small talk and eventually April wasn't shy anymore. Brett and April spent the rest of the day together. He walked her to her classes and sat at lunch with her. After school Brett waited for April and asked if she needed a ride home. April began to think “ my mom wouldn't want me to get in a car with someone I just met, but I like him and I don't want to say no.” April texted her mom saying that she was going to go to a friends house then she'll get dropped off later. April turned and looked at Brett and got in the car. Brett smiled at April and asked her what she wanted to do. April said “what do you want to do.” Brett grabbed April's hand and just held it while still having one hand on the wheel. They went to go get some food. April scanned the menu not wanting to get something that makes her look fat or nothing to expensive. She looked at Brett and said “I'll just get fries.” They sat and ate their food and just talked about more stuff. April looked at her phone and saw her mom had called and texted. “Hey can you take me home?” Said April. Brett looked into April's eyes and said you're not going home. April tried to get out of the truck,but Brett locked The Doors! April began to scream, but no one heard her. Brett kept laughing. April’s phone began to ring it was her mom. April lunged at the phone,but Brett got it first and threw it out the window. April began to think why did she get in the car with someone she just met. Brett's speed just got faster and faster. April started to panic. Brett lost control of the car and hit a wall. Brett went thru the windshield and April’s head hit her window. Brett died instantly and April was out. When the cops got there they went straight for April and got her out and in the ambulance. April was in surgery for a while. After surgery she was put on machines. She wasn't doing great. Her parents came in and cried and her mom got in her ear and said “Come on April everything will be fine you're a strong girl.” April started to wake up she had tears running down her face. April's mom looked at her and said “it's okay baby we're here.” The doctor came in and said that April is going to suffer from memory lost. A few months later April was doing good and was able to go home. When they got to the house Brett's parents were standing outside. “Why are you here?” Said April's dad. “We've come to say that we're sorry that our son did this to your daughter. Brett had anger issues and also a mental disorder.” Said Brett's mom. April's mom looked at them and said “I'm sorry you lost your son, but he could of killed my daughter so I have nothing else to say to you.” April and her parents walked into the house and closed the door. They never saw Brett's parents again. Three years later April graduated high school and got a good job and was happy. She lived her life like none of that ever happened.

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