March 4, 2009
By Abby Baumbach BRONZE, Shepherdstown, West Virginia
Abby Baumbach BRONZE, Shepherdstown, West Virginia
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My name is Cayden, and I'll be the one telling this story. A few years ago my life got pretty complicated, and I only cared about myself. I had it all, the hot girlfriend, the rich parents, the amazing car, and a little brother, Xavier that looked up to me. Who knew I could throw all of that away in one night? Obviously not me.

My girlfriend's name was Maleeah, and she was absolutely gorgeous. Every guy wanted her, but I was the only lucky one who actually got to have her. She was captain of the cheerleading squad, class president, and all of that. See, Maleeah had a best friend named Kayla, and Kayla was nothing compared to Maleeah, but Kayla had more 'experience' and every guy wanted her. I never thought I would until one night when I took Xavier out to 'bond' with him at the bowling alley. I had no clue that Kayla would be there, but just my luck she was. Everyone knew Kayla liked me except Maleeah and I kind of wished she knew. One thing lead to another and we were hanging out. Kayla wanted Xavier to come over and meet her little sister Leeanna. Xavier didn't want too, but I forced him because I wanted to hang out with Kayla at her house.

I was arguing with Xavier, and we were almost there when a drunk driver pulled out in front of me. I didn't see him so I didn't slow down because I was looking back at Xavier, yelling at him. The guy was in a big tractor-trailer truck, and we crashed right into him.

The next thing I remember is waking up in a hospital bed. My parents were sitting across the room bawling their eyes out, and Maleeah was crying too. She was the first one to see me wake up and she immediately ran to my side. My parents sluggishly moved over and were still grieving. I asked the first thing that came to mind, 'Where is Xavier?' My mom didn't say anything, she just burst into tears all over again, and put her head into my dad's chest, he soothed her, though he was crying too. My baby brother was dead, gone forever, and it was my entire fault. My eyes closed, and I knew in my heart that I wasn't waking up for a long time.

Three years later I got out of my coma, and Maleeah was sitting beside my hospital bed. She looked exhausted, but just as beautiful as ever. She glanced over and saw that I was awake, she started smiling and tears ran down her cheeks. I explained everything and said, 'Maleeah, you are my life. I will never hurt you like that again, ever. I love you with all that I have, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Will you marry me?' Tears were streaming down her cheeks now. She immediately said yes.

Maleeah and I got married on February 14, 2006, and we've been married for a little over three years now. We have a baby boy, and we named him Xavier. I'll never forget that night, no matter how hard I try. I think about Xavier everyday and I will never forget him.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for my English and Language Arts class. I guess it's okay. More adult for a 7th grader then usual, but what can I say? I'm mature.

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