Brothers In Blue

November 3, 2016

It was in the spring of 2004. It was senior year, and as all the kids prepared to say goodbye to their parents and move on to the adventures of college, four kids from completely different places decided to go and take the NYPD exam. There names were Matthew Wilson, Ricky Granger, Elliot Gordon, and Ryan Howard. They all took the exam together not knowing that they would be best friends for life. After the exam, they introduced each other. Each of them still nervous and shaky from the pre test jitters. They decided to go get a bite to eat together. This was the beginning of a friendship...

Bang Bang! The police car was getting shredded with bullets. Ryan and Elliot jump out of the car and take cover behind the car. Two other police cars are on there way. Ricky and Mathew race out of the car shots flaring. “They got more people than we expected,”screamed Mathew. As bullets were flying past their heads Elliot devised a plan. “Ricky and Mathew run to the other car and see if you can come up from behind”, Elliot screamed. “But, you know I'm not a good aim Elliott!” Ricky screamed nervously. “Just go dammit!” exclaimed Elliott.They went to the other side and flanked them. Taking out the targets. A sigh of relief fell over all of the men. “Thank the good lord in heaven!” said Ryan (who was always the religious one). This was a real dangerous call. They got a call on the radio about some men acting suspicious. It ended up being a drug deal and the men were rewarded with a high praise from the commissioner himself by handling the dangerous situation. Ten of the fifteen men had surrendered after five of their fellow gang members had been shot by Ricky and Matthew

Alot had changed since the police exam. They all did extremely well on the police exam and now it was 2016. They are all cops in New York City. Which is no easy job, almost everyday there is a big problem. Elliot Gordon who has recently been promoted to lieutenant due to his courageous responses in some of the cities events, including a shooting that had killed three of his fellow police officers in the station. Elliot and his wife, Rachel have been married for five years and just had a baby boy named Michael. All the men in the station have never seen Elliot more happy in their lives. Although Elliot is a Lieutenant he still goes on runs with his three closest friends Rick, Ryan and Matthew. They all are sergeants. Matthew is married and the other two are single. They have all been best friends since the police exam and by a miracle were all put in the same academy and station. They are all known in the station as brothers in blue.

As the men were leaving Elliot (since it was Friday) invited everyone over for the barbecue. Matthew showed up with his new wife, and Ricky and Matthew both brought dates. They talked about the old times and old jobs that they did when they were all recruit officers ten years ago. Elliott talked about how his view of life has changed since the birth of his child, Michael. Although all of them acted like everything was fine, they were all shaken up.This was the first time Ricky had ever shot anyone before. Although he had potentially saved the life of his closest friends and comrades he still couldn't help but think that he had killed somebody's son. As for Matthew, who took out most of the targets, still had a hard coming to grips with what he had done. See Matthew and Ryan were involved in a hot situation seven years before, when they were just recruit officers. There had been a suspicious person loitering near apartments on East 80th street. Since they were used to just petty robberies, they did not approach the situation with much caution. As they walked into the house, they did not see anyone but as Matthew walked up the stairs the robber got anxious and shot Mathew in the shoulder two times. As Matthew fell down the stairs Ryan was able to take out the suspect. This situation caused Mathew and the police family a lot of pain. This has taught Matthew to be prepared for every situation no matter how safe it may be.
The next Monday it was May 16. The men had all gotten to work around 8:00 pm for their night shift. The Monday night shifts were always dreaded mostly because there was little action. There would be occasional reports of suspicious activity or a drunk driver while they were on patrol. But around 2:00 in the morning they got a call about gang activity near the Bronx. As the men were driving there Ryan did his usual Our Father prayer and Hail Mary prayer of protection over himself and every policeman who was going to be involved. When the two cars got there they realized it was much more dangerous than expected. They all conferenced on what they were going to do and Elliot, since he was the leader decided to approach the members Elliot went around the corner the rest of the men decided to call back up because they were expected to make a lot of arrests. Matthew decided after they called back up to go catch up with Elliot. As Elliot approached the gang of younger kids. He was calm, cool and collected. As tense as the situation was, the kids seem to respect him. The only person who was acting weird was the leader. As Elliott was talking to them, Matthew called out his name from the back of the street. “Elliott you need any help?” Elliott turned around “I’m good, but did you call ba-” Gun shot flared in the air and hit Elliott in the back. Elliot fell to the ground screaming. Matthew pulled out his gun and started firing. Most of the gang members ran because the gravity of the situation but the leader was still there. Elliot reached for his gone out of his pocket as Matthew was firing at the leader. As Elliot tried to go on his side to get a good angle the leader shot him again, this time in the chest. Elliot was trying to catch his breath but instead of giving him the mercy of death the leader did not shoot him again. “This is what you get for killing my fellow brothers on Friday!” screamed the leader. Elliot wailed in pain. When more cops came in they were able to arrest him as he was trying to get in his getaway car. They called the ambulance to get Elliot, but the feared it may have been too late. As the ambulance left Ricky, Ryan, and Matthew raced to the patrol car to follow. “We have to call Rachel!” exclaimed Ricky. Ricky kept calling her cell but no one picked up. When they arrived at the hospital they raced through trying to find Elliot. They finally caught up to his cart in the Surgery Corridor. The doctors said they couldn't go past this point as they extended the doors open to the surgery room. Ryan who was in a state of shock tried to charge through the corridors only to be stopped by by Matthew and Ricky.
They waited for around an hour before the doctor came out. The doctor whose name was Dr. Stephenson said he had good news in bad news. “The bad news”, he says, “is Elliot is going to die in the next fifteen minutes.” Ryan dropped his phone and it shattered sprinkling the glass cover all over the ground. “The good news is that you will be able to visit him.” “We need to get Rachel down here,” said Matthew. When Ricky called her cell, by the grace of God, she answered. Right away she knew something was wrong. She thought the worst and soon the worst became true. Ricky hung up crying, saying she was on her way. When she got there with her two month old son Michael, they went into the room. They saw Elliot lying there unconscious each line getting closer and closer to being flat. Rachel started crying. As Elliot sat there with his eyes closed in the closest stage to death, she went over and kissed him one last final time. Then she took young Michael's hand, and put it on Elliots forehead. “No kid should have to watch his father die”, and with that Rachel walked out of the room with Michael in her arms and her tear falling onto the soft baby head. Ricky and Ryan went to council Rachel. Matthew stayed and held his best friends unconscious hand until the final seconds of life. As the flat line started to ring, Matthew said, “You will always be my brother in blue.”

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Jack said...
Nov. 13, 2016 at 10:59 pm
The person is lying. I am in his class and nothing like this happend.
Nchicks said...
Nov. 13, 2016 at 4:22 pm
He stole this from me im in his class this was my story!!!!
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