March 4, 2009
By MoMo715 SILVER, Immokalee, Florida
MoMo715 SILVER, Immokalee, Florida
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My mother was so happy to move to live in upper-class to have everything she ever wanted. But I never really cared about material things. She as if I never got the thing I deserved. I now that she got all this money she wanted to get everything she never had. With that we move California. She had a bought a vinured and wanted to make even more money. I didn't really care it was her money. We left our little home in Washington DC and left. I had to give my mom props the house was pretty big and did look good. The good thing about it was that didn't have to live in a crowed city anymore with people everywhere. We were living far away from anyone which I didn't complain about. I didn't have any friends in Washington everyone had click and I never measured to any of them. I loved that I could live in peace here. I barely got bring anything up to my room, because mom got a new wardrobe and furniture for me. I didn't really care she knew I didn't like fancy designer clothes, but I couldn't complain with that furniture. I was going to the door to my new life, and I now there was no going back...

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